Friday, April 29, 2005

didnt go to schoold todae.. haha.. coz din have important subjects.. plus i reali need the time to study..woke up happily odae at 7 plu to find out tt my sisters frenz.. (kay) were comni over to our house in the morning to practise DANCING. the whole mornin "its gonna be me" kept being played in my room..coz our rooms are like seperated with .. oh yea.. NOTHIN. was quite pissed actuali..but aiyar.. not their fault oso.. but still!! so iritatin ler... studied A BAB of sejarah.. ONLI!! but okay lar..took me about..3 hrs lidat.. to read and do some latihan on it.. guess its thru tt while guys take an hour to finish a bab, gurls take 5.. haha..

Goin for fz tuition later, hopefuly chua wud finish the topic wic is comin out for setara, if not i'll have to go for tuition tomoro again..i think he will lar.. he's fast..compared to my other teacher... well.. i wanna go back to my bio now.. dun wanna waste todae.. bye bye~ =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

primary 1

primary one.... how long ago was that huh..? right now im form 5,so thats bout 11 years ago..if im not mistaken.. life then was free from worries, free from stacks of homeowork, free from worryin bout major exams as we didnt even realise wat was UPSR,PMR, and SPM at that point of was all bout havin much have life changed since then, eh..?
durin the first month of primary sch n was definately hella scary.. me,being the antisosial one, didnt really have alot of friends, at first..and everytime during recess,when i wud bump into this primary 6 guy , this dude,who thinks he's a damn big ahbeng or smth, would grab me by my hair.. it was hella pain back then ..but all he said was "rambut panjang " or sum shit la.. no taking my lunch money n stuff..this carried on for about one week, but i really didnt tell my parents or my bro..even though he was in the same year as that dude.. but one day, i spilled some curry onto my shirt by accident (silly me,eh? ) .. and me, being the kid that was hella scared of my mum back then, decided to make up a story that it wasnt fact, i told her that i was pushed down by that bully onto the muddy area or smth.. haha... so, my mum got his number and he then got an earful from her..haha... smart eh..?? he got wat he deserved..and tts when i learnt that lying can def get u outta bullish.. i dun even remember his looks..all i remember is his nick..banana head or smth..haha.. wat a nick for a bully..

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

heart attack


just ystd, i almost suffered from a serious heart attack.. shocked..??? i know u are.... :D

Mr Chua : And yes..our exams are on the 5th of May..

i was really hopin that they would've called the setara off, as there had been speculation about that for quite some time already.. but damnnnn, i guess luck really isnt with me afterall .. i still think its kinda stupid tho.. i got exams nxt thurs,which is like, 9 days away,but ive yet to get my jadual peperiksaan.. that is seriously not helpin me as i dunno wat to study first n stuff.. but since i dont really got high expectations for this setara test, i guess i wont be dissapointed or be letting myself down... i doubt my parents wud expect me to do well also as there's really TOO MUCH to cover in such a short span of time..
ohyea, convent iu last fri was really fun.. mad props to their interact club as i really had alotta fun there.. only prob was that it was kinda stuffy inside la.. and then there was a flood wen we were bout to go home, so my initial plans had to be cancelled as i was too lazy to remove my shoes, and cross the semi flooded road..
k,ive got to get sum rest rite now.. prolly must start stayin up late from today onwards..aihz... i hate this feeling.. the feeling of being unprepared for smth,and knowin that ure bound to fail in it... dayummmmn

Saturday, April 23, 2005

haha.. i juz got a new modem..coz i think the other wan got struck by lightnin or smth lidat.. hahaa... aniwae.. yesterdae was my schs i u dae.. =))) thx everyone fer comin yea! =) it ended quite late as we had ALOT of performance..and only had time fer one game lorx. din quite enjoy the game lor..tot last years wan was better.. hehe.. we dance a few dances.. italian and hip hop.. enjoyed hip hop more lar... italian was so dumb.. hahaa.. oopsz.. =) juz found out todae tt examz are one the 5th of may.. straight till the 27th of may..!!!! scary lar.. hahaa... havent reali from TONITE.. (tts wut i alwiz sae...rmber saying it like alot of times ade. haha..) i'll officiated the STUDY period.. reali wanna do well.. but dunoe how.. whole form 4 ler.... =(
shudnt have ask for the modem so soon.. now got another distraction to add to my list... sigh.. nvm..after i u.. we wont b bz animore..cept for the 80 th anniversary.. on the 27th... oh yea..speackin of tt... we had our " YAY YAY CONCERT" was GOODIE! more fun then i u.. hahaa.. was screamin for sarah and mel and JILLIAN!! cute ler they all.. the we danced too..without our leaders.. hahaa.. coz one had to go to singapore and another was sick..
klar.. i gez tts all hoh..cant think of anythin else to sae..cept tt i think im gon get sick soon..coz the air con has been on for a very long time..and i got ulsers! hmph..pain !

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

cool eh..? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Thurs got hollie

tmr go school one day,then nxt day hollie..haha.. dunno why,but this year like got so much more hollies compared to last year..but its always the same thing la..early half,got alot of breaks,then the 2nd half, v few days thout school..
tmr i got to present some ish bout bio,and im not even prepared yet..must talk bout sokongan tumbuhan dalam darat and air.... I THINK..honestly, my group's hardly prepared for it .but oh wellz, takkan a teacher will give u bad marks for ur spm peka la ( yes,this is actually counted for peka..thats wat i heard la.. ) better pray that we dun screw up tommorw..
feelin abit scared at the moment..mid year's comin very,very soon liao.. too much to cover, and too lil time to even do so.. the problem is, im easily distracted while im studyin ..i tend to concentrate more on my pc then on my books.. aihz..
ohyea... one thing i noticed bout my school toilets.. there's always vandalism there..there;s always some punk who prolly thinks he's so great just cuz he uses a black marker and sribble the words " (wateva the teacher name is) sux " or smth liddat.. the thing that i find funny about this,is that, the teacher aint never ever gonna read whats the point..? the only ppl who will notice it are students, and they prolly wont even give a damn bout it... vandalising on the toilet walls dont really give you hero-like status.. scribbling on the walls just proves how much of a coward u are..nuttin else..

Im out.............

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Aite,its close to being the end of saturdays..definately gotta truly enjoy this weekends ..thats how i reward myself after the monthly tests... great huh..?? :D but i just found out that my mid term is most prolly around may 9th.. damn it.. that gives me less than a month to prepare.. i wanna start studyin,but everyday ive got a stack of hwk to do,which really doesnt give me the sufficient amount of time to cover up the WHOLE form 4.. gon be in deep doo doo la.. cuz i know if i get bad results,i'll surely be grounded from alot of things by my parents.. but that mite not be 2 bad afterall ..hmmmm..
I watched Hitch jz now ,and Will Smith is one hell of a great actor.. i dunno wat is it bout him,but his lines are really witty.. reminiscne (how da hell u spell it..?? ) bout the Fresh Prince Of Bellair days.. i used to follow that show like crazy last time..but back then i was like "why is the dude wearin such oversized tshirt and baggy pants for..his dressing's so damn yucky " ..haha.. hu knew that i wud be dressin the same way todae... cept for the funky + bright colors la..
right nw im bumpin to some slow songs..mcfly ,pug jelly stuff.. there's no new, nice rap songs out there right now .. actually, i dont know wat albums to look out for this year.. mebbe some local stuff.. support barang buatan malaysia !!! woot woot..
k,thats my updates for now.. chowz

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

1 more day

1 day down,another 24 hrs to go... haha... but since ec tests is like nuttin oni (papers all so short etc ) , no point celebratin the end of my ujian formatif.. ish..
its already close to 9.30 pm and i havent touch my add m3 and prayin that my eyes dont fail me now,as ive made a risky plan to stay awake still 2.30 to cover my sej and then watch football ..its liverpool against juventus..2nd leg.. its one hell of a big game..cant miss it.. BUT , if my eyes do get sleepy and if i fall asleep, then i can say byebye to my sej paper liao ..
ohyea, i got EST tommorow oso.. the paper that i really really dislike, after failing (28 % ) for the prev test... i dont like the marking scheme for that subject la..all the words must be exact n stuff.. too strict liao..
k, i'll stop here ..gotta rush to my books now.. chowz....

" Imma give u my heart, this aint just a fling-wid-u ,
I dont just sleep,i close my eyes and dream-of-u . "

Sunday, April 10, 2005

End of my 3 day break

Its already the end of my 3 day's gonna start tommorow, and i definately do not want to get out of my comfy bed.. i still have alot of studyin to do as im still not prepared for my tests.. I just realised that ive been frequently bloggin for the past few days or so.. mebbe its cuz since my dear's pc aint workin , ive got the sole responsibility to keep this blog as active as possible..
the weather right now is extremely hot, and its not a condition that i wanna study in..thats why im on9 right now.. even with the air conditioner on, the air in my room doesnt really feel cold at fact, there's no difference than the air outside my room..aihz.. my room's facin the sun la..thats why it feels like im in the sahara or sumtin..
im tryina find for things to do while im on9,but the list is really short.. no1 is on9 right now, and all the sites that i usually visit ( ,maddox, etc ) have not been updated for quite awhile... so the only thing i can actually do is dl songs..
im THAT bored till i dled Hybrid Theory, LP's first album ,after losing my cd a few years back.. in my honest opinion, this album sounds nicer than their second one by a large margin.. but one thing i def dislike bout this album is the fact that it is hella short..its less than an hour i think.. most albums last for bout 1 hour point complainin..i didnt spend a cent on it anywayz.. =D

Saturday, April 09, 2005

I hate......

During my free time , when i got nuttin else to do, when i got no new songs/albums to dled, and when the internet connection seems hella slow (like now la...bloody TM Net.. unreliable piece of *profaneity* ) , i wud be browsin thru frendster n stuff.. i can actually spend a good 15 mins + there ,readin testimonials and stuff... but one thing i definately HATE bout some ppl, is the fact that they dun even put their real name in frendster.. I donno y,mebbe its cuz they arent really happy wid the name their parents gave em or smth.. and bsides that..wats up wid puttin celeb pics as ur display picture ????? its bad enuff that i dont even know who you are thru ur stupid name, but atleast put a pic of urself or smth..and not a pic of Good Charlotte, Taufik,etc.... maybe u're hopin some dumb kid or smth will think or assume that you are a famous star,and ask for your autograph ... hu knows .. hu knows..

Friday, April 08, 2005


Yayz!! its a hollie todae.. thank god.. i definately needed a break to study abit for my tests.. its only a few days away (wednesday) ... Even tho its just a 1 day hollie , it's what i need most right matter how short or long the rest is.. i hate the way my school plans the tests.. 10 papers.... 2 days.. imagine how they manage to squeeze all those 10 subjects into 2 days.. and most papers are only for 30 minutes.. wtf la.. if yall wanna do a tests, atleast make it longer la.. cuz if u study 50 pages or so for just 25 questions..its really not worth it..
im gonna read up on my add m3 soon..i dun even noe much bout janjang as i didnt really pay attention in class during that period of time..die la...

by the way, i downloaded Will Smith's new album earlier this morning..and suprisingly, it wasnt bad at all.. maybe its cuz my expectations were hella low as i wasnt really a big fan of him..but this album really gots some ear catching tunes.. it's fresh rap.. not your typical sex,bling-bling rappin shit...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Free thinker..????

Decided to update again as im takin a short break from my school work.. Feelin too tired to continue right now la... Am hella sleepy and tired since i hardly slept last nite as i watched liverpool play one excellent half, and then play like crap the other half.. aihz... but atleast they won !!! =D

Last nite i went to church..
and now the rest of yall are like " OMG!!!!! he went to church?????!!???? "

the thing is,im sure a few of yall prolly know that im definately not a religious person. Im that type of kid that doesnt really spend time in church and stuff... in fact, i only go to church like bout, 1 or 2 times a year... its not that i dont believe in god n stuff.. its just that, i dun really have the time to go... I got tuitons on the weekends, so my chances of goin to church are pretty limited..

but sure some will be thinkin like this..

Some : You can make time to go on9, go tuiton, go bla bla bla, but cant even make time for god..

Ive gotten this kinda comments my whole life.. people sayin that me being bz is just an excuse n stuff.. I dunno, i think its stupid if you judge ppl liddat..i got my own reasons n stuff.. And btw, you dont have to go to church in order to make time for god.. nah mean.. ??

K, so i went to church last nite to attend some planet shakers was a nice experience,never been to this kinda thing b4, but it was kinda short... 2 hrs or so only.. i thought it wud've lasted longer n stuff..but oh wellz... it was still worth it, and it was FREE!!! haha...

K,i guess ive rested enuff..gotta go back to my hwk now... chowz..

Monday, April 04, 2005


Yesterday i did something really really stupid.. I slammed the bloody car door and i dunno how, but my thumb kena 'kiap' and even 25 hours later,it still hurts like hell..There's nuttin much to do bout it , except for 2 choices :

1) wait for it to heal
2) cabut the nail

and obviously,im not gonna go for the 2nd choice... cabut-ing nail... the thought of that itself is hella scary... and fo sure its gon be hella painful.. so thats def a nono...
school today was kinda borin, didnt really study alot and most of the teachers came in late.. just found out that my monthly test is gon be nxt week... SHIT!!!! im not prepared for that at all... i doubt i'll have enuff time to cover most of the subjects, so i'll just pick a few subjects to really concentrate on, and the rest... fail oso nvm la..

Im sure once a while, yall will prolly come across a certain friend of yours who's always interested in other ppl's business n stuff.. You'll always have that certain friend who'll def love to gossip bout others, esp bout affairs involving relationships n stuff... Some people really gotta learn to back off when needed, before matters get really serious n stuff.. Ive seen people like this before, people who gossip alot bout others, spreadin rumours here n there, and at times, causing relationships to be broken n stuff.. Its a real pity that some of this ppl got nuttin else to do.. i definately agree that talkin bout other ppl's affairs are sorta interesting ( who hasnt done this kinda things b4 ) ,but there's a limit and yall really shudnt make things too personal n ish...

^^^This is not droppin names...

Saturday, April 02, 2005


~Andrew~ Just got back from sch bout an hour ago.. Its saturday,and im killin it by goin to school...aihz..had futsal tourny jz now..and altho i was kinda not in the mood to play football n stuff, ended up draggin myself from the bed to school.. ended goin to the semis.. not bad eh..?? but ended up gettin scolded by my parents abit when i reached home, cuz i keep goin out n stuff.. i seriously gotta count down on that ish.. stupid me..

Right now i cant believe how much an experience could actually affect a person's life n ish... An experience could bring both + and - effects to some1 .. For example, i used to be scared to go on stage infront of hundreds of ppl n stuff.... I remembered everytime in primary school ( i was a prefect back them.. a ) , when i was hella unlucky and got picked to read the ikrar durin perhimpunan, i wud always be shittin in my pants n stuff.. being on stage was one hell of a nitemare for me back then..but eventually(last year actually..), i got over that certain phobia ... Rappin infront of the public eyes really isnt such a nitemare anymore....In fact, i aint scared of screwin up on the mic and forgettin the lyrics n ish no more.. I guess every1 goes thru this kinda fear at certain stages of their lifes,and they eventually learn to counter it and gain a certain amount of confidence n stuff..

BUT experiences could definately bring one hell of a negative effect to a person..After mssd basketball just a few days back,where i played my worst game in my whole life, i suddenly lost interest in that sport n stuff..I just wasnt as semangat as i was before, cuz its like..there's nuttin to look forward to and the feelin of lettin all ya teammates down really gives a huge mental effect to ya... and even tho some may say stuff like " Whats done is done", "Thats all in the past " n such, it really doesnt make ya feel better,AT ALL... but theres really nuttin you can do about it la..altho you could've played a diff way n with a diff strategy n shit, its over..

afterall,thats life.. you learn from experiences.. nuttin else teaches you better than that.. ya cant just live to regret those things... just gotta move on la..

"One it to the fullest "

Friday, April 01, 2005


"I think of you,and then put my deepest thoughts- to- my- pen,
Girl's the greatest ever gift from god-to- a- man , "

my world's been tilting a lil bit.. soon its gon be upside down i guess.. Right now im havin all sorts of feelings( happy, sad,dissapointed),all at the same time.. weird eh..? life's such a weird thing everybody has to go thru.. at times, i wonder wheter is there really such a thing called fate.. mebbe we are all destined to do something , to become somebody n stuff.. maybe our whole life's are already pre-planned even before the day we were born..
besides that,at times, i feel as if my life is just a big play n stuff, like in the Truman Show..what if every1 else around you are just actors, and what if some things are really too good to be true... and wat if we never live to find out the truth in these claims....
Life's just one hell of a big mystery i guess..and it'll prolly stay that way foreva..

k,back to my life and wat happened todae.. i had jus changed my fiziks tuiton,since I thought my prev teacher,Chang, wasnt really doin much to boost my marks.. the new teacher's alrite la,not 2 bad.. but i dont really like the tuiton centre ( classrooms...bitches..oops, i meant office clerks etc) ..and it feels extra weird cuz im close to being surrounded by ssi students n stuff..not that i hate them or anytin la,but its just that in all my other tuitons, theres always a bunch of ec guys n stuff ,which meant that i'll be able to escape the reality of studyin fiziks by chattin around wid the guys n stuff..

so now its already close to 11,and im dead tired..i guess i'll go get a nap now..

"When you're born, u cry and the whole world smiles..
When you die, the whole world cries..and you.....??? "