Monday, May 29, 2006

hosp attachment

Todae me and dear went for our hospital attachment, which is gonna last for another 2 days.. had to dressed up all formal and stuff, which is not really my style la..haha.. went all long sleeve, not-addidas shoes, and also tie-d up.. so not me wanz.. haha..too bad, got no pics...
so yea, had to wake up at around 6.45 am todae... heck, i dun even wake up so early during college week.. and i slept later than usual too, around 1 plus..
so yea, first thing first, we went to the medical ward at bout 8.30a.m... got introudced to the nurse in charge, and we then followed a couple of doctors to do their rounds.. these guys are def passionate yo, there's even one who is 77, ade got pangkat datuk.. but he's still doing his usual rounds and stuff.. *salute salute*
but then, things got a little boring after bout 10.30 a.m. round there la. cuz the doctors have already completed their rounds, and we were just abandoned there..lolz.. so we sat down in the nurse's office doing nothing.. should've taken a nap la, bodoh me.. hehe..
so yeap, sat there till like, 1p.m. , and then its lunch break.. got a 20% diskaun since we're like, temporary staff there..lolz.. so, had to make full use of the diskauns, tho im not really a fan of the food there la.. v cold wan..
after lunch, we went to the E&A (emergency and accident) area, fearing the worse..cuz its like, i just makan smore, so of course takut muntah abit la..haha. budden wen we reached there, every1 was just chilling and stuff..macam so relax oni..and then the doctor there gave us a talk for like , one and a half hours or smth..nuttin much la, he just gave us a brief insight on a typical doctor career and stuff, which i find very tough..
and we went back at 5, having experienced no emergy nor any tommorows gon be more tiring i guess, cuz its like, i'll be there from 8.30 till 1, and then from 5 till 9.. really omg rite.. haha..
kk, i guess this is already a preddy long post, so imma end here.. off to finish Casanova.. byez

Sunday, May 28, 2006

i remember

I remember

Skipping classes to go play football in a new block..broke bunch of glasses, ran away from prefects, hide behind chairs and cupboards, hide on the ledge outside the window..

Gambling in sec3...eventually got caught.. nv did admit it, and the teacher eventually let me off..

Going to classes all sweaty and late cuz we play basketball during recess.. shits crazy

Few of us guys just hangin out at the makan area during some school's(cant mention the name) installation day...what was funny was the fact that we open up the sandwic,and took out wateva stuff we din like, cucumbers tomatoes etc.. lmao

Skipping school wen it was approachin SPM and going to the johor zoo..

Cabuting school by going thru the hutan route.. seriously, that was the only way to cabut school without getting noticed, going thru a thick forest..

Extending our pendidikan jasmani period by skipping all the other classes.. kena bashing gila from teachers

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Take a sit back n chill

9.29 pm now.. she's in pulai springs.. im at home.. i wish i was at pulai springs..nvmz..

i love the hollies man, it just gives me a chance to actually sit back, and enjoy everything that i used to love doin during the previous hollies..i realised how much of my lifestyle that ive been forced to alter after attending college, so at least wid a long break, im able to catch up on the good ol times.. niceness..

first off, ive managed to catch a movie, tho it wasnt in the cinemas, but i still love watchin movies.. V For Vendetta.. dope i shud say... altho the one that i downloaded had a pretty bad quality, but i still enjoyed the 2 hours.. but i still wanna know who played V tho.. they nv reveal him.. sialness.. i also dled Chicken Little ade, will prolly watch it once im done blogging... ohyea, ive got Casanova oso.. so yeap, expect me to be movie marathon-ing alone tonite.. unless dear decides to keep me company here, which is highly unlikely.. hehe..

ohyea, another thing that ive really been missing is my ps2!! ps2 was like my mistress the previous year wei!! so i went over to Giant and bought this game called The Godfather, which is based on the movie itself.. tho it feels alot like GTA, i guess this game will be keeping me company thru the early mornings.. it just feels so fun and so right to walk around the streets, extorting people and hijackin cars.. and its violent 2!! definitely good method of relieving stress!!

alriteyz, here's where imma stop yeapz.. dunno wat to type liao.. mental block.. ok byez

Friday, May 26, 2006

its over

Exams are finally over.. and im left here pondering of what could have been.. shitzzzness..

Lesson learnt over the past week : NEVER, EVER, GO AGAINST YOUR GUT INSTINCTS!!

seriously, for most of the papers, my immediate answer would usually be the correct one, but after re-reading once or twice, i get all mixed up n stuff..
maybe cuz ive got no confidence in myself, or wait.. maybe im dumb.. lolz..

anywayz, exams are over, so lets not frown n cry over it larz..2 weeks break, where ive got to put a 110% effort on getting my EP released as soon as possible.. its getting closer to release i guess, and now im left with the printing and all that.. so whoever who wants to donate cash to support this independant artist, you can do so by sending over a cheque.. every cent makes a difference!! lol lolz..

Actually,not many know about this, but ive actually got myself featured on 2 albums before..both of which I considered a stepping stone in this small career of mine, as both albums were major local releases.. HOWEVER, sadly, i feel that i did not make the impact that i hope i was going to, prolly because:

1) I sucked badly on the first album
2) Wrong choice of songs

Anywayz, they were both huge learnin experiences and after 6 years of being in the scene, i finally will have something to show for that i am actually proud of.. :) niceness..

so yes yes, do buy it!! support the local industry!! lolz

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

2 papers down

Classic hip hop is dopez

2 papers are finished.. and i dont know why, but i just doubt i'll do well in this whole exam la..i can study all i want, but i still have a tendancy to make careless mistakes, which i did for my chem and match.. flucks..

ive got 3 more papers to go, and hopefully i can make up for the previous 2 la.. just need to burn midnight oil for a few more days, then its the hollies.. niceness..

wait!! wait!!

im not really keen or lookin fwd to the hollidays la.. dunno why, maybe its cuz my scheduele is gon be so hectic.. atleast i wont be bringin any books back so study(1st time this year!!) HOWEVER, ive got to go take my driving lessons, go for hospital attachment, and then must also go to terrenganu and see turtles lay eggs..yayness!! actually its not that bad la, but then not alot of us goin oso.. hahaz.. and i dun wan sleep in rumah panjang!!!

ok web closin ade

Sunday, May 14, 2006

i dislike you

when i sometimes become a little more observant..

i realise there are those who try to be someone they're not.. and shit bothers me for no particular reason.. i mean, some ppl just seem hella fake and all, till i really tak tahan.. they mite not realise it la, and its wrong to go up to them and point it out i guess, but shit just irittates me.. lolz.

So if u feel the pinch, u could either be very thick skinned or u might just be the one!! like omg rite..

on a lighter note, im goin back to kay elle soon.. damnnn.. i actually felt like this hollie was gon be long, till i realised ive got mid terms nxt week.. shiiiiiietzzz


football is such a beautiful game!!!!woot woot woot.. it doesnt even feel real rite now.. wow wow wow..

Liverpool VS West Ham

A brief summary...
Liverpool 2-0 down by 30th minute.. i tot i mite aswell study la, no hope already..but they pulled a goal back immediately, so i thought that maybe there might be some hope afterall.. it was 2-2 almost immediately after half time, and then West Ham scored again (v v v lucky goal).. really had to pray ade.. came to 90 minutes, game was bout to end...and then outta nowhere, Gerrard equalised from hella far.. even tho i wasnt there to witness it, i could still feel the BIG HUGE sigh of relieve.. that was close to being the last shot of the game.. omg omg..
and then it came to penalties.. the cruelest way to finish such a game, but as long as the team i support won..
so yeap, 2 great matches ive watched in the last 2 years.. last year dey came back from being 3-0 down.. de ja vu again eh? finally, supporting them since primary 2 has finally paid off.. niceness!!!

Gals should start watching football now

Saturday, May 13, 2006

i think im feelin good

was feelin way too shitty last nite, had a bad headache, and i was throwing up... seriously bad timing as i was spose to study/finish my project last nite.. damn it..
so i woke up early todae (6.30 am) and managed to finish editing my bio project..haven actually habis everything tho, still got content page and bibliography left.. ish ish..
ohyeaz, ystd my fam n dear went out for dinner @ Pulai Springs.. dopeness!! first time she was havin dinner wid my fam, so i was like ecstatic to see how it would go.. definitely had a nice time i guess.. donno bout the rest tho.. hahaz.. just glad that my parents accept her like she's fam.. =)
dunno how im gon fare for the mid terms.. ive not actually finished covering everything yet, esp chem.. i farkin dun understand most of the kiraan chapter.. it seriously sux la..i can read thru, but when it comes to the latihans Mr. Yap gave, i really go blank n shit.. diez la..
know wat, ever since i came back 2 days back, ive downloaded 4 albums finished ade.. needed to catch up on all the rap music that ive missed out on la,cuz got no internet @ kay ellez..i nid internet larz!!!! ishk..nxt time i go starbux and download songs lar..lolz lolz..
k ar, tts all for now..
ohyea, my bro got an XBOX 360.. like omg omg!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

back in jb

back in JB for once.. shit feels good again..
after not goin back during the 4 days break, i finally decided to pay a visit back to jb la.. its been awhile anywayz...
too bad i cant really enjoy these few days thoroughly.. ive got alot to catch up on, esp on far far far behind wateva Mr. Yap is teachin now.. shit sux wen u dont understand a thing in class.. ish..besides that ive also got my final bio project to hand up this monday, so i doubt there will be quality time of rest at home aint really a holliday wen im forced to bring back most of my text books to study...
alritez, nuttin much to blog bout la... cant really think of anytin interesting, so imma just post a couple of random pics la..

Performin at New York Club.. niceness

FOA 2005.. no 2006 tho.. ish

my soon-to-be released album artwork... its smth simple, but im lovin the way it looks tho.. thanks to dear for doin it =D so peep peep and do keep a look out for it.. The First Verse!! comin to a mamak stall near you!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hip Hop

Its a cap!!!

its a flag!!

andrew is stupid

shit ar, got back all our common test marks already..this time its really really bad.. and smore got ppl score almost near full marks (or sumtimes full marks) for the subjects.. i shud be in the last class la..i dont deserve to be here.. ish..
wat else is happenin in life rite now ar? ohyea, the very stress ppl in my clas oso got a blog ade..
yup yup, do peep it..
ohyea, we all handed up our esl FINAL (yup,yup.. FINAL!! not draft!! final!!).. really got kepuasan once the final project is in ur own 2 hands wei.. hella glad its done tho.. shit took up my whole hollidays the previous time, so im happy to kiss it bye bye ar.. lolz..
aihz... really dunno how la.. mid term is like 2 weeks+ a few days away.. seriously not good, and not prepared!! still in my relaxed mood, while finalising the final stages of me album.. yeap yeap, my demo's comin out soon i hope... so do look out for it once its out.. will provide mroe info wen ive got all the tracks back from mixing and mastering..

kla..i g2g now.. nuttin much to blog ade.. brain jam.. k byez..

my English File!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life Here In Taylors

HIHI! hahaa..
i realised that i have never blogged about the community service that i signed up in college huh? its spose to be a programme were we, students go and visit unfortunate children with no parents, or seperated from their parents. we are spose to actually make them draw to let the proffesionals "Read" their drawing for some purposes.. but i dun think its berjaya-ing.. lol.. my frens and i have been there quite a few times and all we did was play with them! oh wells, at least we made them smile.. =D

the first time we went there, i found my gurl names jayasri.. she is nice and sweet, but at the end of the dae, she asked me for money! lol..was kinda dissapointed in her, but i said NO.. she hasnt asked since.. hmm.. then we played london bridge is falling down with the many many children in our group led by desmond chee..our "daddy" lol...

the next time we went. we had to create a tribe for our group! we became the fairy tale group, and our theme song was the barney song.. the i love u wan!

the next next time we went there, it was face painting time!! hahaa... this was fun.. but they sae mine dident turn out to be wut it was spose to be..hahaaa... check it out for yerself!! =p

haha.. okay, so it dosent look like spider man and a cat :P

sch was ok todae, cept i was reali sleepy since i slept pretty late last nite.. sigh~ so i was practically yawning, plus i forgot ro bring s mnay stufff to sch!! plus, CHEMISTRY marks..omigawd.. it was bad, and i reali put in more effort then last time, oh wells, i did better than the last time lar, by one mark :D grins.. lol... jia you dee!!!! =( God, save me!!!!!!!!! life reali sucks .. plus, we will be getting other subject papers soon, and i reali dun wanna get it back la... relai dun wan to do anythig already..feel v down suddenli....

hmmmm.... =) nvm.. think positively and jia you smore!

picture of our baby darling coco

love love,