Sunday, July 26, 2009

The benefits of being botak:

1) Its a good way to suprise your girlfren! You might have a gf who always be like, 'how come you everytime nv surprise me with gifts wan!'.. and then you can show up botak to her!
2) You become popular.. you get stares.... now, this could either be good or bad, you never know what other ppl are thinkin la.
3) You save on shampoo, and other hair accessories, like gel, wax, etc...

And the major bad point bout being botak....


anyways, last week dear gave me one of the best birthday presents ever..


A liverpool 2009 away kit!! i was eyeing this ever since the sampled showed up, and was thinkin bout getting it once it was in stores.! but dear bought it for me early! thank u!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reached Sydney at 10 smtg in the morning, and the was looking around for Andrew, but couldnt find him anywhere.

Then I saw this skinny, botak man in a cap smiling and walking towards me.

Stupid bi cut his hair. =(
But its okay lah, getting used to it, feels like im going out with a new guy anyway. hahaha

We took a train to central station, and check-ed in to our hotel. Then we headed for lunch at Din Tai Fung. My tummy was a little upset, so I ate abit, and he whacked everything else.
I get this pain everytime I fly though, wether or not I eat everything served. sigh

Xiao Long Bao. not bad!! =)

Then we went back cause I needed some Li Yu on my tummy, and I slept for a while. Didnt get to sleep much on the plane this time. So felt like I was floating here and there.

At 4pm, we headed out to explore Sydney!
walked all the way to Darling Harbour.. but since we werent that hungry yet, we sat down and laughed at the little seagulls running around, talked, gossiped.. haha
It was a very nice n sweet moment for me because its been sooooo long since we had nothing else to do but just talk and enjoy each others company.

Finally, after price and menu surveyin ( so ex lah there! ) we decided on this little restaurant. One appetizer and one main meal for the both of us. I belanja-ed him. His birthday dinner! hehe

We shared this baked mushroom. yum yum
And for the first time, i ate western style duck breast!
Very nice... Mash potato was very very nice too.

Then off we walked to get some ice cream! This was yummy, and the serving was so huge!
Brownie fudge smth .. We shared this while walking back to the hotel.

The next morning, we headed out to look for some nice brunch, but everything was open yet =( and the hotel check out time was 11am, so we just stopped by this place for a simple breakfast. Bought some sushi because it looked so good! better than newies one..

Overall, time passed so fast! But I really had fun. =)

Its been a few days since class started, but Im still in the holiday mood. yawns..

I want a new blogskin!

My new fake bag. =)
Manage to catch up with friends only twice this holiday. Mainly because everyone is busy with their own family, and that we are lazy people! Hate planning anything. lol
The three of us were little girls again, as we walked through cyber zone, and nodded our heads with enthusiasm when we reached the photobooths. It was so fun! I love this feature.

Then it was time to go back. =(
Was a little sad, but i didn't cry this time around. I had a long nice break with them, so no complains at all. =)
Me and Vernesse. See our swollen eyes? Both of us had to get an allergic reaction the day I flew off! It was so funny! I think it was the new Peri-peri flavoured twisties mum and I got in giant the other day. Both of us ate some, and poof! swollen eyes, coughing, and runny noses immediately! Nessy was worse though, eyes swollen like mad.

No photos of Kay because she said she didnt look nice that day. -.-

Our last dinner of the trip, one of my favorite cuisines, Korean. =)

I miss home already, but I'll be back in 4 months.
Love lots,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Say whatttt

Sakuragi Hanamichi got one.

David Beckham has one.

and now.....

Andrew Choo oso has one!

LOLZ. decided to get a botak cut, hair was growing too long dy, till I was looking like a jungle boy. I must say that I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, this is the first time I've ever had so little hair, and I'm actually considering keeping it like that. haha.

Dear sure did get a shock when I met her at the airport last Saturday, I dont think she even recognised me! haha.

yeap yeap, we spent a night in Sydney on Saturday. was def fun, and dear gave me my birthday presents!!! Love it lots! will blog bout it nxt time, i need to study abit now! heh.

Till then...

Monday, July 13, 2009


5 reasons why I love you more and more each day

1. You held me close and never let me go during the whole concert so I wouldn't have to squeeze and had my own little space from others

2. You actually washed my leftover laundry and folded them :)

3. You encouraged me to extend my stay here even though u were pretty lonely yourself

4. You immediately comment on my status and facebook when I complain u don't! Lol

5. You never fail me to me smile each day

I miss you baby. Am quite shock that we haven't quarreled over the holidays! Lol. Must be the lack of communication!

Going back to Newcastle on Friday. Mixed feelings once again.

Happy that I passed
Happy that I get to see him again after nearly 4 weeks.
But sad that I have to leave home and family behind.

Friday, July 10, 2009

lucky lucky

We both PASSED!

Thank you God :)

I can't wait for the next semester! Psych. Neuro. Endocrine here
I come! Hehe

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew

Everything is stopping us from celebrating baby's birthday today! Haih.
Internet problems, plans canceled, and he doesn't even have internet at home now! I havent actually seen him since we said goodbye on the 19th. sigh.

Anyway.. today is his 21st Birthday, and my baby is feeling ill! aiyor.
poor boy.

I still wanted to celebrate his birthday, so I bought a cake, and took many pictures and sent it to him before 12. hehe. I love you baby. =)

Wishing you all the love, luck and happiness in life baby.
Thanks for being such a wonderful person..

I cant wait to see you soon.

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Andrew..
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

birthday is tommorow and uni started already.
Birthdays tmr and im sick..
Birthday's tmr and i have no internet.
Birthday is tmr and results are out 2 days after.

what a life.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

and here is the guy version

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:

I saw bibi in primary school. Thought she was very cute carrying her table into class! Hehe. Abit short tho, but still, very cute!

What’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?:

She likes to camwhore!! Like ,in diff outfits, or just random pics of herself since her macbook has a built in webcam!

What makes him/her sad?:

Errrmmmm… when exams are hard!! Then she very very sad wan, can cry oso. A lot of times dis happen dy, first year, and then this year!

What makes him/her angry?:

When I play baseketball, or soccer,or go frens house longer then I told her. Then come home she sometimes lock the door don’t let me come in smore. Luckily now no more liddat dy!

What excites him/her?

When we make nice plans like holliday plans, but too bad our plan this time tak jadi. But I promise it wil jadi the next time round!

Tell us something funny about him/her:

Dada gets angry when I see her replying emails to her papa or when she is blogging! But weird thing is, im allowed to read everything once she’s done.

What’s s/he like at home?:

Errm, she’s really messy. Especially when its near exams time, her mess will be more then mine!!!! And then she leaves all of it for me to clean!! But she’s also really nice, likes to cook good for and bake nice things for me!

What’s s/he like at work/school?:
I’ve only been same class with her in primary school and first year med school. But she’ s hardworking I guess,now she likes to take notes in lectures.

Describe his/her room:
Its our room anyways right! Hehe. She has a lot of stuff in her room, a lot of soft toys of all different shapes and sizes. Has a lot of stuff from her family too, like their pictures. It gets quite messy at times, as we makan there, and a lot of notes fly here fly there!

What’s his/her best friend like?:
Michelle Soh? Don’t really know her well I guess, we got talk abit here and there lah. She’s nice I guess, and dear always mentions how they’re similar, like how they both have 2 sisters. Lolz.

Have you met his/her exes?:
Nope, dar says im her only one!

Do his/her parents like you?:
I hope so!!! Hehe. Shud be la hor, they got reply me back when I msg them happy fathers or mothers day! And im invited along to their family outings quite often, like going makan, home bbq, Singapore science centre, night safari, and many many more.

What’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:

Hehehe. She would just look at me first with her puppy eyes. Then oni will she cry! Happened before in Taylors, when she fell into the longkang.

what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:

wat kinda emergency exactly.. call the important numbers I guess, but dar wouldn’t noe the numbers I think.. like police, ambulance,or fireman . Or if it is accident, she will go help! Cuz she noes first aid and recently passed the first aid test!

Which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:
Errm, depends what she is looking for I guess. But she frequently goes to shops like Jay Jays, Supre, and reject shop!!

what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:

Errrm, we used to eat cereal, now no more dy. Then got eat pau oso,, but most of the time, we both don’t eat breakfast! Depends what time we wake up I guess. Or a glass of cold milk will do for her. Our meals usually vary la, can have hard boiled, half boil eggs oso. Or eggs bacon. Anything.

Where would s/he want to go for dinner?:

Fine dining! Or a seafood buffet, which I def am not fan of.

What kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:

Hehe. Twilight kind, or harry potter. Or romantic movies!

Describe his/her taste in music:

Errm , she listens to all I guess. Whatever that’s on radio, no particular taste.. She likes whatever other people like, like jason mraz and taylor swift! And yinyang!

If s/he wasn’t going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:

She says robbert burger pattyson.

What item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:

Nothing I guess. She just has a lot of pointless stuff in her closet which she doesn’t wear,or have only worn once. Mebe just burn whatever she’s not using, cuz her cupboard is really packed! And then theres still a lot of jackets in a luggage, cuz theres no space dy!

What is s/he good at?:

Dancing, running, although its been awhile since ive seen her done either one. She’s also good at cooking and baking, yum yum!

What is s/he totally horrible at?:

Rapping and singing along to songs. She pretends she noes the lyrics, but only noes the last words of every line. So she will mumble the start wan, like when she raps along to the real slim shady!

What’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:

She’s quite particular about her cooking, and then scolds me if I do something slow or wrong, like cracking eggs or chopping up garlics!

What’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?:
Hmmmmm.. that twilight is a lousy movie?? Orrr.. hmmm.. that its okay to eat instant food when near exams time??? Orr..that maria ozawa is a nice person???

What’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:

That Megan fox is pretty!!! Hehe. And that we both love each other a lot a lot a lot??

Is s/he possessive?:

Abit ar, but now less ady I think, since she lets me play basketball or soccer anytime I want without complaining. But its good to be possessive ah, that shows that ure wanted rite.

Why would s/he succeed in life?:

Because she works hard and puts a 100% effort in whatever she does, and aims for perfection. That’s why she gets upset when she cant do her exams mar.

what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:

My reflexion filter! And my adicolor of course! Nothing beats that! Was eyeing it for super ages.

What does s/he avoid at all costs?:

Avoids telling people her opinion sometimes. Last time she was afraid of calling jetstar or whatever airlines to change her flight, but now more brave dy ah.

What does s/he spend the most money on?:

A lot of pointless items when grocery shopping. Like, mayonnaise to make fruit salad but oni make once! Or that thing that tasted like babies food!

Describe his/her typical sunday:

Waking up in the morning, maybe we both go out to do some grocery shopping, do some laundry. And spend time working on her PBL since he has closing tuts on Monday! Prepare home cooked dinner, while watching masterchef.

Why would s/he be dangerous?:

She can throw my laptop on the floor more then once, and throw scissors at the wall until got hole.

What’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?:

That she has a bit of a temper?? Like, when she throw my laptop down until now so slow!!!!

What do you love most about him/her?:

The fact that she makes me smile with ease. And she’s just so cute and adorable, and fuzzy, and round, like a peach. Or how she’s warm, and round, like fresh pau.

The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your soulmate:

She has thought me to love. And I’ve learnt to control my temper better I guess! I used to get angry pretty easily wan.

I woke up.. and then ive only got 1 day left.

Godddammn.. Holidays are over dy, i start uni tommorow. Cant believe how fast time flies weh. but then again, it was only 2 weeks of break. worse thing is, first week isnt really like an intro week or antyhing, we're jumping straight into all the anatomy stuff tommorow..waddafack.

Internet is down at the moment, so im currently at the uni's version of a cyber cafe. heres a brief summary of what I've done for most part of the hollies:

1) watched Transformers 2 twice. First time watched coudlnt really concentrate alot. heh heh. Im sure every guy would agree la. Awesome movie tho. 100/10!
2) Watched alot of the confed cup, to the point that my sleeping time has been mixed up abit. I've been sleeping at 5 and waking up at 1pm. wonder how im gonna wake up b4 9am for tommorows class. dahla all first week classes are mandatory.. knn.
3)praying hard to pass exams. KNN IT WAS HARD
4)Stacking up on korean noodles which make up the bulk of my meals. yum yum.
5) Cleaning the house here n there. Cleaning the toilet was the worse. took me prolly 1 and a half hours to clean all the moss and stuff. yucks.
6) 2nd week, i prolly played basketball almost every day weh.Luckily a couple of friends din go back to Malaysia, so we kept ourselves busy playing ball , then had dinner, then would go over to Aarons place to have our Winning eleven ps3 challenge.
7) Went to sydney yesterday with the same bunch of friends, to catch Ice age 3d. lol.
8) I;ve been doing ALOT of writing and recording! seriously, ive never written and recorded so much within such a short of period of time. Theres that feeling of a sense of accomplishment. Only thing is that my korean housemate is at home as well, so quite malu wan record la.
9) And last but not least, missing dear. its so hard to chat with her, cuz her internets sometimes down, and now mine is down,. hopefully it gets fixed tommorow.

My mic at the moment! the thing behind is a reflexion filter, which helps create a nicer ambience.

That is my baby right there. A presonus firebox, tho 2nd hand(mic above is 2nd hand as well), it still sounds great and was def a bargai nfor its price. its basically an external soundcard la.

Behringer MS20 monitors, an old laptop, and a cheap pair of headphones up there. These monitors are super low budget, but i dont need expensive ones la. Monitors basically differ from ur usual speakers as they do not try to make your stuff sound nicer. They give u its original sound, so if you have a shitty take, it gives a shitty take. it doesnt try to 'color' ur sound.
Couple Meme I got from reading Pink Pau. ages ago...

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her:

The first time I met him was probably somewhere in primary school. I cant remember exactly but my first impression would probably be so CUTE!

What’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?

He has this phases where he likes to just blurt out words or phrases. Like at one time is was BUUYAAA, or like random lines from rap songs.

What makes him/her sad?:

When Im upset, when he doesn’t perform well in basketball or football, when our plans don’t happen, when his baby car gets scratched!

What makes him/her angry?

When I WHINE AND WHINE! He doesnt get angry easily at others though.

What excites him/her?

New recording equipment, futsal, basketball, football, watching Liverpool, erm me! hahaha

Tell us something funny about him/her:
He is a big dong head sometimes. Hahahaha.
There was once we ordered takoyaki in KL, and he actually went up to the shop and actually thought that the plastic sample on the table was actually real and ours.
Oh. There was another time he was calling OPTUS for me, and when they asked for this phone number, he read out the OPTUS customer service number which was on the paper he was holding, TWICE! Heheheh
He is a funny man. A lot more stories!

What’s s/he like at home?

Malaysia home : Hmm.He’s not trouble, definitely. Tidy, surprisingly.
Aussie Home : MESSY LIKE A PIG! I am equally as untidy, so im quite worried about our future home. hee
What’s s/he like at work/school?:
He’s good at school. Very likeable and friendly. Responsible too, esp when it comes to teamwork.

Describe his/her room:

His room in Malaysia : has a big queen size bed, with a nice sliding door wardrobe, and a nice dressing table ( hahahaa) with pictures and him and his family every where. All his mothers work lah! Yellow walls with wooden furniture. Very cosy!

What’s his/her best friend like?:

Erm. I don’t know who exactly is his best friend, but im guessing chia khuan as they have been friends since primary 2?
CK is nice, always calling me sis, and seemed nice during our Malacca trip! But I don’t like him because he didn’t bring us for satay celup.

Have you met his/her exes?:

No exes. =) Though he did like someone else before. And I remember cursing the bus which had her name on it. hahahaha

Do his/her parents like you?:
I think so. We have dinner here and there, and his mummy calls here and there! Daddy seems nice too. But maybe they hate me now because Im not going back to celebrate babys birthday.

What’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee:

F*CK, C***I

what would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?:
hmm. I think if I was there, he would be a blur pig. But he seems fine when others are around. He wouldn’t be the one ordering people around, but he would be a good hand! =)

Which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?:
Any sport shops to look at shoes, jerseys, and his trademark shorts. Haha
Or game shops to look at PS3 games. He does this EVERYTIME we go shopping, but he doesn’t get anything.

what would s/he have for a typical breakfast?:
if he could. Leng yong pao all the way! But he likes hungry jacks breakfast too.
Oh oh. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich used to be his favourite.

Where would s/he want to go for dinner?:
In Malaysia.he would have his hokkien mee at TAISON. That is his favourite.. hawker center bah.. to have his char kuey teow too.
In Newcastle, he likes thai, dominoes, hungry jacks, KFC

What kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?:
Any super hero movie! Action movies!

Describe his/her taste in music:
rap rap rap all the way

If s/he wasn’t going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?:
Erm. I don’t know.. I cannot picture him with anyone else but me!

What item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn:
His adidas beige track pants, and his beige stripey shirt. Oh, and that cigarrete ashes colour baju he wore for his installation day I think.

What is s/he good at?:
He is good at making me laugh =) he is good in sports, making friends..

What is s/he totally horrible at?:
Being a hopeless romantic which I pray for everyday. Hahaha
He is horrible at slicing meat, takes like a few hours to cut a piece of meat up =p, horrible at a lot a lot of things lah! Hehe so cute.

What’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?:
I hate it when he forgets to tell me he is coming back late. I hate it when he doesn’t want to drive to the gym! I hate it when he is so thrifty!
But I guess that is good when it comes to me, balance mah!
Oh. I CANNOT STAND IT WHEN WE STUDY TOGETHER AND HE STARTS RAPPING/MUMBLING beside me. I hate it when he puts on the earphone and I start talking to someone who cant hear me. =(

What’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?
I remember there was something, but i cant remember what.

What’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?:
That no religion is the right one, and that all is equal. =)
That we both love each other and that we are the right one for each other.

Is s/he possessive?:
he used too! But definitely less now because im old and ugly. hahaha

Why would s/he succeed in life?:
Because he has a heart of gold. =) and because he is really quite responsible as he grows older. But he needs to be abit more outspoken on things he isn’t happy about.

what is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?:
my juicy couture handbag. Wheeeeee. And donkey our hamster =)

What does s/he avoid at all costs?:
Watching harry potter with me. Watching twilight with me. =( watching any girly movie with me.
He always avoids trouble. That’s for sure! Hehe.
Oh. One thing I love about him is how he doesn’t like to drink till he gets wasted and all. =)

What does s/he spend the most money on?:
my birthday presents! Hee.
And his usuals lah, shoes, games, recording equipments..

Describe his/her typical sunday:
We would probably wake up late, go out for lunch or dinner.. watch a movie on the laptop maybe, and watch tv! Play PS3 games, and when I feel like it, exercise lor! =)
But a typical Sunday near the exams. Wake up study eat sleep.

Why would s/he be dangerous?:
Because he is very fierce when I make him very angry. Hate it!

What’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?:
That when he is with me, he is a lovable, fuzzy, manja baby. *sayang sayang*

What do you love most about him/her?:
That he is loyal to me, that he loves me with all his heart. And that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.
I love it then im his only one, just like how he is my only one.
I actually love every bit of him lah, especially his smell, which I miss sooo much.

The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your soulmate:
That fairy tales and true love really do exist.