Monday, April 30, 2007

Fadzir once said "In Friendster, everyone's connected!".. He said that with that funny tone of his and to think of it, that's actually so true..Somehow, someway, I've been able to find a number of my primary schoolmates on friendster, and thats crazy enuff eh? I mean, its not like I was hella close to them or anything, but to think of it.. its been close to 7 years since I last spoke to some of em, so seeing their faces on my friend's list just seem hella amusing to me..not to mention that primary school was definitely memorable for me, so gyeaa..the wonders of the internet..dont mess dont mess..


This is long due, but anyways.. these are the pair of shoes I got while I was at Sydney.. yeap, nothing fancy or anything, just something for me to ball in.. Real comfy, especially when your ankle feels secure while running and all.. lol..

Retro video of the day:

The Real Slim Shady... Its just crazy how much of an impact this video had on me.. I mean, I never heard of rap music or anything before this, and I was like 'WTF' when I first saw this.. My dad then got me his LP, my first rap album ever on my birthday when I was in primary 6.. I still can listen to the whole album today and not get bored of it, thats just how revolutionary it is to me.. and the rest, like they history..

Dee- not in a very good mood

Was reading blogs of frens, about Convent I U day. And u noe what!
I miss school.
Convent.. the 5 years there will always be my happiest.
Preparing for dances, preparing decorations.
Never been fun-NER
Im proud to say that our IU days were ALWAYS the best. *grins*
I miss u gurls.
Interact Club has brought me nothing but awesome memories. U might think of it as a social club. Well, smtimes u NOT always bout little convent girls gasping at boys coming into our school. lol. Well, it still happens.. lol.. but being in the club, i made soo many new frens..
Dance practices will always be the funnest.
Hawaian, samba, hip hop, and italian. lol.
I miss dancing. I miss my school. I miss the convent spirit. I miss being a prefect. I miss eating at the canteen, I miss waking up early and wearing the uniform i always wanted to wear, I miss wearing my blazer and lookin all important. I miss amiring seniors. lol. I miss gossiping.
Most of all. I miss my frens.
and. i miss Dancing!
envy mellissa- ur brave enough to just go for all the dancing competitions and stuff. =)
Cant wait to get home.
kay kay- went i get home, i expect u to acknowledge my presence. lol

A day of lectures..

Did i blog about my first PH assignment, when i had 9/10, and was so upset?
I got a 9.5 this time!!! =) with the average marks for year 1 students being 9.1
Average last time was about 9.7
whee! Teddy Grad
okay.. i diden graduate or anything
But the feeling of improvement is just.. great! =)
Anatomy lecture today was hilarious.
Before i start, lemme introduce you to my Anatomy Lecturer, Mrs Claudia Diaz.
She is not very tall, and not very slim. Fat and short dosent sound very nice.
And she LOVES Purple PURPLE!
Her sunnies are purple. her shirt is ALWAYS purple, her skirt , may be purple, her shoes and SOCKS are purple. Her slides are purple. Her make up is purple. She even had a small purple bear pinned on her lab coat for a class.
And today we had a female reproductive tract lecture. So she was like
CD: What is ur Working Problem this week?
class: menopause
CD: ok, lucky i got that, i could talk HOURS about this topic if i can. Like the G Spot.*pause*
and NOPE, we're not doing that today.
lol.. and everybody lauf.
CD: *points her laser on the .* and GUYS, this is the CLITORIS...
CD: All of us start out as little girls, guys become guys when the clitoris gets bigger, and transforms into a penis..
omg.. the way she conducted the lecture was soo funny.
and according to her, we have to do some exercise. I forgotten the name. But its like, when u shit, u noe how u PUSH, well, u have to exercise that muscle, so that ur pelvic floor dosent fall apart, coz when that happens, apparently, ur uterus just falls out. gross!! Scared 1
and the picture she showed us, of the uterus sticking out, lol, it really looked like a penis. lol
SO girls, exercise that muscle!! lol
contract, and relax, contract and relax. good thing is, u can do it anywhere. coz no one can ever notice. haha
House is sooo interesting! Forgive me for being so slow in watching this season. lol. But its sooo nice! I prefer season 2. hehe.
I wanna have season 3 as well!
I tried frying ikan bilis again. But it diden turn out.
Will ring mummy about how to fry it properly.
I got only ONE lecture tomoro!!! =)
Happy Happy. Will come back and vacumm my floor! Its becoming invisibly dirty. Thats the thing about carpets.
Signing Off.
its so cool. FINALLY, this kinda thing has my name.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday , means Monday is 2 moro.

Shoes that Bi got me. Pretty right pretty rite pretty rite. They looks prettier in real life.
This is my HUGE pyjamas. I told u it was OVER sized. lol
and its Little Miss Shy! Not lil miss sunshine! lol
I got it wrong. =p

Cookies on the way to FAILURE. lol, yea the cookies were not a success. Its MY fault.

I put too much milk. boo.

Introducing you to Medical Students Bible.

You go anywer without it, U wouldnt understand a sentence.

Work done for the day *so proud*
got so many things to blog about. But my tummy is rumbling.
Gona go make rice, and heat up my bak kut teh.
Love lots.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekends here

Weekends here!! Felt like it came pretty quick, which is scary as exams are gon be coming soon.. foooks.. Actually, its hard to do much during the weekends as they just dump a pile of work on you on Friday, and although its due on Wednesday, classes end at around 5.30 on Monday which means you have to spend the night studying for Public Health which is due on Tuesday, so besides the weekends, I pretty much only have Tuesday to finish my homework.. not too fun afterall.. hmmms..

Anyways, after having stayed here for pretty damn long already, I realised a couple of things with ang mohs (no, I am not trying to be racist)

1) They dont really know much bout Malaysians OR Malaysia.. Some even thought that Malaysian is a race... lol..
2) Their way of making Milo or any other hot chocolate drink is soooo different.. Wat they do is put a full cup of milk in the microwave, heat it up, and then only add the chocolate powder.. But thats how every1 does it round here, its even stated in the instructions...
3) They are really helpful..See, thats a good point! During the first few weeks here, dear & I were like " see, *insert any helpful deed here*, surely in Malaysia they just ignore wans ".. but yea, its pretty true la... but then Malaysia is still cool..
4) There's always sales for girls items, but never for guys.. Thats quite saddenings, especially when the sales for gals stuff are for no apparent reason at times..
5) Their internet has limit!! This is the worse thing everrrr, cuz it means I cant download music or movies like how I used to in Malaysia..Its pretty stupid la, cuz its like, they tell me that my internet is unlimited wan, but then from 12noon to 12 midnight i have 10 gig to use, and 12 midnight to 12 noon is 36 gig or smth.. That means its limited right, and not unlimited.. prolly just put the unlimited there to justify the cost or smth.. pfff.. and I have to share with another 4 ppl smore.. lagi cant download freely.. lol

Okay, like they say.. You can take the kid out of Malaysia, but never vice versa.. dont I sound wise?lol.. anyways, 1 more week and I'll be watchin Spiderman 3!! ooooohh, the hype surrounding it itself is killing me..cant wait cant wait..

Bak Kut Teh

Had tat for dinner today. =)
Woke up pretty late, at 10.40 i guess, had breakfast served to me the moment i opened my eyes. *grins*
Bi made fried eggs with cheese for me. =) thankies darling!!
then we headed to Waratah Village to do some shopping, we forgot mushrooms, and tofu for the bak kut teh the other time. Even bot myself a Little Miss Sunshine Pjays! =)
But it is OVER SIZED. its so hugeeee... hmph. but i guess it wud be good if its really cold. hmph
Cookie plan was abolished. lol.
Coz we needed to study!
And gona try to study quite a lot today. Like my Pm on msn.
Im starting to Panic! Which is good. i Guess.
Feeling really lethargic tho.. grr.
Hopefully, tomorow we wake up early, and go the gym to run a bit, and then go swimming! Diving
hee. have to start using the Gym more often. Im such a lazy pig.
nothin more to type out.
Gota go study bout hormones, and the female reproductive tract.
Missing home. Sniffsz.
Family 2
Mummy. Kay Kay. Nessy. Daddy.
For them, i shall study hard, so i wont have to stay back if i fail. =)
And so that i can have a nice long holiday in June.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Skills Night

Skills night was AWESOME.
I learnt so many things! Well, not proffesionally.. like how a first aid license is given. But just to practice!
I learnt how to plaster (bandage) a person. Learnt how to stich a wound. Take blood. Insert a canulla (dunoe how to spell), do CPR, and learn how allergy test are done.
And it was so cool. Coz we were able to practise it, like really.
We took blood and inserted a canulla on fake hands, with fake veins and fake blood in it. So everything was reallly like REAL. Except that the patient is fake. lol. It was pretty cool as wellcoz everything we used were like REAL. like the needles, the swab, the dressing, the canulla.. CPR was funny as well.
Overall yesterday was a good day. =)
I had a good clinic day, coz it finishes on time, and i didnt embaress myself! *Thank God* =)
Today... was good as well. Went grocery shopping with bi. But all the way at Glendale. Which is ..30 minutes from here? lol. But we had fun. Coz the place was huge. Had k-mart, woolies, reject shop, al-dis, target, and the lists goes on.
We bought tickets for Spiderman 3!!! but the tickets were so bloody expensive.
15 dollars. =(
Oh well, bill came up to 50 today, so we used the grocery marny to pay! lol
Alrighty.. I guess i shoud head to pom pom now.
Thank will wake dearie up, and we shall have some dinner! Gona bake some cookies tomorow as well!!! *Excited*
Bath Tub
*i love bubbles. *blow*

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Holiday! =)
Woke up pretty late today...
coz i slept kinda late..
coz i was watching House!! Season 2 is greeeat! Its so exciting. Its like im more interested in Dr House rather than the patients now. I think House is H.O.T
todays dinner was super yummmy.
had pork fried in black bean sauce, and fried brocolli with egg.
and ..ikan bilis! hehe..
Was so difficult to take the bones out! Mum said i needed to. But i doubt people actually sit down and take out the bones one by one!!! Its stupid! grr.
But was happy. coz i miss ikan bilis wor!
Today was boring though.. Just studied, played nintendo, and webbie with sisters and mum.
after that, had dinner, bathed, and studied anatomy.
jugular notch, sternum (manubrium, body, xiphoid process) ribs, muscles, ligaments, diaphragm, and the lungs.
Waiting for me to look at in the anatomy lab. *grins*
Tomoros gona be a long day. Hmph.
11-1 Closing Working Problem
12.30- 1.30 Anatomy Lab
2.30- 4 Hospital (**prays** stop embarassing myself)
6-9 Skills night! We are gona learn how to stich i guess.
Had to pay 10 bucks. pfft. =( I hope dinner is provided! lol
Till then... yawns

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I spotted this on ebay just awhile ago. This series just got released like less than a month ago, and its already sold out world wide..thats how limited it is. They're actually Jordan's first Air Jordans, thats why there's no classic jumpman logo and stuff (ok, girls prolly can skip this whole post la)..but damnnn, it looks damn nice

And you know what..both pairs are sold for around 400 aussie.. hmm, quite ok rite..2 pairs for 400..dahla its limited..too bad its quite exp la.. nvm, i'll just salivate while lookin at em... eh zhiven, u wan onot..i take yellow u take red..u pay 3

anyways, esok cuti...bestnye

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What Girls Love

Housemate came back today. Accompanied her to do some shopping at Franklins. =)
Reached there and got a call from. erm. Desiree? on Gunjans phone.
Andrew told me that i dropped my phone on the road! And one malaysian senior, who knew me, picked it up while cycling!! And lucky i got my name on my phone, the lil key chain andrew gave me. And she rmbered where we lived! So she dingdong on our door and gave it back to andrew.
I can only thank god for saving my baby phone. =( But now its all scratched up. HMPH. ='(
But i guess at LEAST i got it back. Oh ya. Thanks to Ping as well... for helping me.. =)
So, and then...
We went grocery shopping! Bought bananas... juice.. and then..
and then....
I fell in love.
See how good this looks!!!!! omg omg omg.
With rum raisin! my favourite!

And its only 2.99dolars. For 10 packets, plus, a chocolate shaker. U noe, how u have like chocolate powder on nice chocolate drinks at Starbucks??

I like! =)

I made fish curry last night! Looks like fish curry at mamak stalls huh!But the fish were all mashed up. HAHA. stirred too hard. oh wells. =)
Boring day today. Diden do that much.
Darling nesse is sick. Down with a fever.
I hope u get well soon baby girl *hugz*

Saturday, April 21, 2007

See, I just gotta make this clear ar.. I was suppose to get 100 for dear's quiz, but she wrote one of the questions wrongly.. hmph.. atleast I dont need to repeatedly do it ar..haha..

Decided to blog rite now as dear is busy chatting with her friends i thnk.. Its already 1.30 a.m.!! I wanna watch we're already in season 2 btw, altho we're going thru this season quite slowly due to the workload we have at the moment.. Anywaysss..

During the past 2 weeks or so, I was able to watch TMNT!! I must say, Im a super huge fan of the series when I was a kid, and I had no idea that they were gon make a movie of it. I dunno tho, this movie somehow feels like its lacking something. I mean, its like, 10 years or so since the last movie came out, they should've atleast made the movie run a lil longer. The turtles look skinner in CGI too in my opinion..

Wouldnt this have been cooler?? Btw, incase yall didnt notice, Michaelangelo doesnt actually use his weapons much in the movie as its like, banned or something for his weapons to be put to use in UK.. read that off somewhere b4.. stupid policies.. On another noteeee...

Venom looks like he might just be appearing in Spiderman 3 afterall..

Cooooolss.. hope its real..haha.. Last, but not least...
WTF is up with em drastically changing Megatron's looks for the Transoformers movie?? hmm, not good not good..


This is soooo FUNNY!!!
The test <-------- there is making me lauf alot. =p

Things are gonna change from dont matter anymore..everything that you said were lies anyway,You know that better!! says:
shud i take it again??

Things are gonna change from dont matter anymore..everything that you said were lies anyway,You know that better!! says:
then can get hundred dee

Archana. lol.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Then chelle chelle

ChallotCharpayChelle. says:
.ChallotCharpayChelle. says:
so low
.ChallotCharpayChelle. says:
ChallotCharpayChelle. says:
i'm stil yr best fren rite????

This is so funny.. =) I am actually laughing by myself looking at them =)

Friends. love u both sooo muchie! =)


oh yea, Andrew wants me to announce that it was not his fault he got one answer wrong. It was because i didnt specify that i was talking about secondary sch. LOL. and i did win a gold medal for 100m in primary.


Sayang Sayang - Altimet
Try to figure out what the song's bout.. if you dont know, now you knowwwww

A day and a half

I realised Ive not blogged ever since dear changed the skin. No, its not cause I dont like it and what nots, I actually love this skin, so lotsa thanks to her... XOXO.. rotfl...I guess its just cause Ive been kinda busy with all em revisions going on, and its just that nothing much has been happening lately..See, for dear its quite easy la..she got new DS to blog about, new clothes to put pictures of but gua takda benda

Anyways, its only a day and a half away before Im back to Uni Luckily wednesday is Anzac day, and altho I have no idea wats the purpose of it, its still a holliday.. niceness.. Alrite, i wan mandi now.. dah 1 pm ade..woke up quite late today ar, around 11.30 or smth.. thats wat hollies are bout afterall rite, sleeping late and waking up just as late.. im outs...

Friday, April 20, 2007

View Video!

Meet Mr Potato. Our very own Blog Advertiser and number one fan=)

Greetings. =)

My Baby says HIEEEEE!=)
Been spending alot of time playing this one pathetic game. But its sooo addictive. I need to win the games to win stuff for my pet, Cotton!! My pet is sick, and i duno why. grr
Hope you are reading this, coz Im gona put pictures of my room up! lol
This is my closet.. The clothes are multiplying. 85% of the clothes here are new. Just bought them end of last year, and this year. lol! Thanks to the bangkok trip. The 15% are the jeans, and skirts, and shorts.

This is the view from my door. Messy messy messy. =)

This is another view, lol, of my study table, and my Multi Purpose Shelf.

OO! and my heater. lol, havent been using it for a while.. so hot d. grr

This is the view from my bed! Big room hoh

Now i can see that my room is pretty messy leh.

Hopefully mummy dosent see this post. lol. sure scold me wan!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shopping. Agan. *smacks head*

Yesh, I told myself not to spend anything unless its really important....
But then i saw this. A green shirt, and a nice cute pair of shorts with a huge ass belt.
been looking for a nice belt for sometime..
and a pink spaghetti top which brings out my girlyness* thats what dear said*
all for....
nope, desiree wont be stupid to spend 90 bucks on these..
she paid..
10 bucks. =p
remember the chocolates we won on the last trip? well, we became damn good at it.
hahaha!!! =) fun fun fun
and the main purpose of todays shopping....

A nintendo Ds Lite in white. =) *hartz*
My first console that belongs to me, alll me.
Isnt she gorgeous? I named her, Snow Box. will probably change her name, coz I think its lame now. Why does she even need a name? lol.
Ok , im crapping, maybe its because im too excited for the stupid thing to charge fully, and because im very hungry.
Oh yes.
I had sushi!!!!! But the salmon was smoked. Oh well, as long as its not cooked.
Oh yea, to all those that dunot now bt my Ds Lite,
It has dual screen, and one is touch screen. The games are mostly 4d. So i get to speak, move things around, Blow into the mic, and i get a stylus. smth like a pen, to play the games. =)
but mummy made sure i promise to study hard, and not neglet studying. Okay. Guilty. pfft
its been two days since i did any good studying.
haha, distoted disney princesses..
still my favourite!! =)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Baked Potatoes with Pasta

Yummy. =)
I cut darlings hair again! haha
Just trimmed it a little coz it was getting a wee bit thick.
Dont worry, didnt cut his ear of or anything, but he did make my chair abit "hairy"
Solved the problem by using tape to stick up all the hair.
Today was boring as usual. Studied abit. Bathed at 5pm. eeks
and that was my first bath for the day. lol
what? i dont sweat at all here!
tonight is pretty chilly... brr
Managed to chat with chelle chelle and tasha. Chatted for nearly half an hour, when i realised i shud get back to my books.. so studied and studied.
Gona read more now, coz tomorow im off to gai gai ... might bring back a pretty little thing, if i manage to get it at a good price. And im pretty sure the colour i want wont be available.. based on my luck so far. grrr
What else..
Nothing to blog about. teehee
wonder which of dears fren visits our blog..

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

I just adore disney babies... =)


shout out to
AHEM- She tagged coz she wanted this. Its bribery i tell u. =p
i miss u i miss u i miss u 2!

Lol..i think the guy with most balls is the one holding the camera, filming everything.. gila ar.. this was at UTP btw, stumbled across it by accident..aha

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

=) *smiles*

I did it!!!
I didnt make the blog from scratch, but I played with the HTML, and i did it!
Whee! Im so proud of myself. =))
*double grins*
Loving me skin....
credits to me&bi! *whoelse*
my taggieboard is way below...
I cant figure out why everytime i put smth below the taggie, nth appears, so I pushed it right below ya!

Our Bodies are A Wonderland~~

Today has been a sleepy day... =0 yawnz
Tried to study, but i think im studying what i dont need to study. Oh wells. It was interesting in a way.
I love our bodies defence towards pathogens&foreign substances.!
Its so cute....
And i got a weird concept about how our bodies are actually another sort of "world"
Like the red blood cells are normal people who work.. White blood cells are the police.. Pathogens are bad bad people.. Our organs are like shopping centres, where blood "shop" for glucose, nutrients.. Organs are also factories, where blood work in..
Cells are families.. Wer the mummies divide.. which means they give birth. And they diffrenciate, which means there are different type of "people" and different races..
But the bodies defence is really amazing.. its like, the cells have a brain, and they know what they are doin.! lol..
Feel like throwing my books away, well.. not throw lah, maybe put them nicely away coz they cost me parents a bomb, and play with the html of my blog!!
Before that, i have to try to do smth to wake me up. Im so sleepy. Eyes have been goin against me.
PS:/ Same like esther!! i feel sleepy too! i need green tea as well! lol
oh yea, before i end this post, shout out to..
MICHELLE SOH - i missss u!!! =( misssss seeeing you everyday in school! miss gossiping!! misss laughing together!! miss playing the mcdonald game. and whats up with a part of ur fresnter profile??? u are my best fren, u shud read my blog more often!!! =p
ESTHER TAN- thank you so much for letting us bunk in your place. =) and thanks for lending me your floor to sleeep on, and thanks for being such a great tour guide. Stop converting, and eat healthy girl!!! =)
lol, i dunoe why i wrote that =)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sydney - Day 5

Okay, continuation from previous post... Wednesday night, dear went to bed pretty early while the rest of us decided to play UNO..lolz..
Picture courtesy of Esther's Played for a few good hours into the night I think, so shiok ketawa macam gila babi until dear oso had a trouble sleeping. That was still one of the neighbours shouted 'SHUT UP' or smth like that, but I didnt manage to catch it, the rest of em did.. lol..and then we played quite senyap ar..

Most of us werent really feeling tired or anyting, and thats pretty much due to the amount of green tea we all drank.. lol.. I had around 3 cups I think, and not to mention we all also opened a bottle of coke, which means more caffeine to keep us awake.. Oh, and we had supper too, which was prepared by James and I.. What we did was basically toss all the remaining packets of instant noodles, and throw all the different flavourings inside the soup(even the indomee wan, which is meant for dry noodles).. lol..no1 complemented our cooking tho, so I guess it didnt taste that great..haha..

Before we knew it, it was already 5am, at which Esther and Jubee went to bed liaoz, leaving all of the guys to gay with each other.. haha.. Watched a little bit of American Pie 5, and then decided to head out to watch the sunrise kat Coogee beach at see, the funny thing is, that we had alwyas planned to go watch the sunrise wan, and during one of the earlier days itself, dear and Esther had already woke up at 5 smth, dah sedia brush teeth and all already, but we guys just cudnt wake up, thus the plan was cancelled.. This time it was the other way round, and we initially planned to just check out the sunrise from the bus stop.. Who knew that we would end up running on the streets for 15 minutes or so to the beach, in the wee hours of the morning, with people looking at us himself recorded a video of us running while he was running, should be funny to watch..too bad i dont got it yet tho..

While waiting for the sun to Thought that it might not happen smore, cuz it was pretty bright already, so maybe the sun rise at the other side..
And then Andrew pointed out to that shiny thing out there..

And it got biggerrrr..

Opening to the gates of heaven, perhaps??

Nicenesss.. How I wish dear was there to witness it with me tho.. Would've been nice, but we'll have a chance to see it for sure, rite?? =)

And thennnn..

K.O. Kean Long, James, Andrew, Andrew..hmmm, where did that other guy go then?? lolz.. Anyways, I only slept for 30 minutes tho, while the rest slept for 3 hours or so.. I thought I was gon be able to stay awake, but the green tea effect wore off..

Then headed to the Aquarium.. Quite fun actually, except for the fact that dear and I were in a hurry cuz our train back was at 4.12, and we only arrived at the Aquarium at round 1 something..

I luk like crap over ere but dear wants this pic.. hehe..And this was the last stop before we headed back home..

The end of our Sydney trip.. We both werent able to say bye to most of em too, cuz we all splited up when we were at the Aquarium.. Pity too, cuz I doubt I'll be seeing most of em anymore..Glad that I made new friends during the trip tho, especially another sneaker freak (Andrew).. Hopefully we'll head over to Melbourne next year ar, if jadi..Cant wait to see wats instore for us next..Whats ironic is that Ive been to all those places that we visited when I was a kid with my family, cant remember much tho..haha.. Was a very fun trip overall, and its also our first holliday together.. hehe. Ok, that pretty much concludes our posts dedicated to this journey.. its gon be back to blogging bout our boring daily activities from now on again..haha