Sunday, June 25, 2006


free cc!! dope siallll!! haha.. currently at a cyber cafe right next to asia cafe, and just my luck that today was the opening day, so its free and stuff.. haha.. but seriously, this place looks nice ar.. the screen looks huge n stuff.. high quality cc!! haha.. should have came here earlier, silly me.. lolz..

i love the weekends, but at times i can also be anti-ing it.. sometimes i find it boring and have nuttin to do..thank god dear today suggested that we go watch a movie!! just what i needed.. thanks dear!! hehe..

ohyea, album sales have been good this week.. feelin good about it at the moment.. its like, i now have no worries on letting ppl hear me on tracks and stuff.. always had fears of disappointing, but i guess this EP has lived up to its expectations.. =) the thing is, I made this album strictly for the hip hop heads and all that, and didnt know what the reaction was gonna be like from the non hip hop heads.. response has been pretty good so far tho, and everyone's having a different favourite joint..goodies.. haha..

so yea, do get one if u have not.. and thanks to those who have been out spreading the word.. appreciate it..

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The initial stock

All DIY man.. support support

been a while

lifestyle has immediately changed ever since college started again.. the proof?? ive not even been able to update this blog.... ish..
okiez, so anywayz, this week has had its fair shairs of ups and downs test results were a piece of *insert random bad word* , cept for english.. which doesnt really count.. *insert random canton bad word*
had bio presentation this past week, and i thought i was okiez la.. tried my best anywayz, so yeap, its cool..

okiez, now big announcement time..

the initial batch of CD's for my album, titled The First Verse EP have already been released.. so yea, for anyone who is stayin in jb or smth, yall can drop me a pm or email me if u want a copy... i can def post it there.. no worries..

CD is priced at Rm10, and i know it might seem expensive and some might think im taking their lunch money away.. but trust me, ive spent alot on the production of this album.. and every artist has got to eat yeapz??

k, thats all for the weekly updates.. pz out

Saturday, June 10, 2006


As the hollidays are soon to be comin to an end, im left with a feeling that i really didnt do much..Its weird, it was a long ass break, but i hardly caught a bunch of movies, i did not sleep past 9 for once (not even once!!), i did not like, go lepak here n there with the guys and also with dear..

I actually had a bunch of plans with the guys ,but it seemed like someone always had something on.. its already june, which means that every1's already going here and there to study alrdy.. i even got a fren who's goin aussie in july, and i doubt i'll be seeing him that often anymore.. crazy life huh..

ohyea, just a few days back, someone asked me online, like, how have the 6 months been??

i then stopped and thought for a second.. it then striked me that its already been six months... i mean, 6 months = half a year.. thats pretty fast..and then i thought about what i have been doing during the whole time in kay elle..sightz.. its crazy actually, ive hardly even had a chance to explore outside the subang area... the tests are stressfull, the projects are forever ongoing.. the free hours i have each day are very limited..the place that i live at is a shithole compared to home.. there isnt a tv there, and there isnt any internet connection..

and I now start to question my decision in coming here.. oh wait.. England VS Paraguay now..byez

Friday, June 09, 2006


yes yes, read it properly!! ive got the fever.. WORLD CUP FEVER that is.. after a heck of a long wait, it is finally here... 4 years really feels like a long time when it comes to World Cups..this will be the third world cup that i'll be watching, niceness.. but sadly, i doubt i'll be able to catch all the matches la, cuz im not stayin in jb no more!! ish.. can i like, ask for a 1 month mc or smth?

k, so im back to update bout everything that happened the past week n stuff..

firstly, Turtle Trip

The journey is long!! very long!! i think its cuz Pahang is like, such a huge state whereby travelling from one end to the other end takes hella long.. ish.. all of us came out the van with aching legs n stuff.. crazyness rite.. all cramped up smore.. not to mention the amount of luggages inside..
As soon as we reached Ma' Daerah, we realised smth.. there were fans there in the rumah panjang!! yay rite.. budden, couple of seconds later, we found out the fans arent working.. stupid false hope!!! and the toilets are pretty run down too, where the water smells like rust, and there's no lights there at nite..
Despite all the complaints, i guess it was still a fun trip... We were lucky as we managed to catch turtles on both nites, altho for me it feels like, after seeing it doing its business ( digging dummy holes, digging real holes, laying eggs, sand bathing) once, there's nothing special bout a second time.. thats why during the 2nd nite, as the turtle was doing this and that, a few of us just slept on the beach..lolz.. i also thought that i was seeing a UFO, as there was this bright thingy in the sky moving in between 2 stars.. then i realised that if i stared hella long at other stars, i would be lookin at the same movement..lolz.. mebe they're all ufo's afterall.. who knows who knows..
the journey back to kl was worse then the journey up tho, mainly cuz it was hella long as we made a bunch of stops, and the van also broke down once.. its all good tho.. k, thats all im going to blog bout the turtle trip.. ohyea, if there's any1 wondering where are the pics of the turtles doing their business, i dun have it yeapz.. we werent allowed to take any pics, but no worries tho.. the facilitator did manage to capture a bunch of pics, and he'll be sending it to the teacher preddy soon i guess..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hip Hop

a conversation i had wid Altimet from Teh Tarik Crew.. dopeness

Monday, June 05, 2006


95% of the EP is already done..i noe i keep saying its coming out soon and stuff, but trust me, its def on the way and progress is being made...

the CD's that are going to be burnt.. see, i use Samsung CD's !!good wan!!

Added a bunch of random effects in hope that i'll look promotable..


Reached JB 12 hours ago

Now im wondering, should I blog bout the turtle trip here, or at G1's blog?? tengah fikir ni..arghh, i'll jsut blog some other time ar.. headache's killing me rite now.. i'll put up some of the pics here first..

First day's weather.. hmmm.. no good no good..

Lovin the beach..


This was day 2.. baby turtles!!

Errm, lupa wat breed..

The shell damn nice lookin

This is my fren, Zhi Ven.. tangannya panjang, so he get the teruk job.. Look properly into the pic ,and u'll see a bunch of eggs on the right side.. Those are unhatched eggs, mostly rotten and foul smelling, due to the tidal waves that hit the turtle sanctuary not too long ago..

The baby turtle that we managed to save!!

Desiree with errrmm, desiree!

Desiree on his/her journey to the sea!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

off to kay elle

in a few hours time , im back off to kay elle again?? crazy scheduele eh? turtle's trip tommorow, and since me and dear dun wanna go all the way from pudu back to subang jaya, we decided to take the Triton bus, which only has 1 bus @ 9.30 am.. so another day of my hollie wasted.. ishness..
this is like, the busiest hollies that ive ever had wei.. no time to do this and that.. i have yet to even work on my college assignments and stuff, really cant find the time.. how i wish the hollies were like, 1 month or smth.. that be nice.. lolz..
ohyea, hosp attachment was alrite overall la.. was exposed to a bunch of cases, but i guess i wasnt disgusted with it la.. this is wat real life is anywayz...just hope i can pursue that career, and if everything fails .. then im off to Manipal!!

i also managed to catch X-Men 3 with the guys ystd.. i was hoping for it to be better la.. but its still good ,just that my expectations were 2 high n stuff.. was hoping that the fite between the Brotherhood and the X-Men would be like a Two Towers fight scene and stuff, or atleast smth like Narnia.. lolz.. but sall good la.. no complainin.. well worth the money.. lolz
okiez, ive gotta pack my bag a lil bit more now.. see yall wen im back alrite.. byez