Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick post...

Anyone caught the olympics opening? I was pretty impressed, and I guess its gonna be hard to upstage this.. So London peoples, do take note! heh.. It did get pretty borign towards the end tho, when all the countries were walking out. I pretty much fell asleep after China came out. What a big ass team they're sending! I didnt know that they get automatic qualification for all em events..

I dont follow much of the olympics this time round tho, only interested in basketball I guess.. Putting my money on Spain to upset them Americans.. and if that happens, you know where you heard it from first.. lolz..

And Michael Phelps is a monster! dude jsut won his 3rd gold medal today, with easeeeeee.. He held a big lead thruout, and that korean dude who finished 2nd was pretty far off.. Crazyla, im sure theres gon be people accusing him of drugs and stuff after all this.. jpjp.

Okays, need to study now.. Been feeling sick the past day, atleast my sore neck is getting better...

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