Monday, April 20, 2009

My Easter Holiday

Easter Show 2009
I went with YueenMun, Cheryl n Suzie.
It was pretty fun! =) Lots of photos (mainly of the animals) and lots of money spent.
My favourite photos would be of the pigs that were displayed. I want a piglet!

My favourite picture! So cute ! Pinkish and small, and so huggable!

I even got to hug an Alpaca. I didnt want to touch it at first, because I was lazy to find a place to wash my hands, but the ladies in charge told me too. And I didnt want to offend them. hahaa
And Im glad I did! The alpaca was so soft and not smelly at all! Very tame. and I saw the owner cuddling and huggin it after we left.

My show bag this year was. Elmo Teen.
I found this bag was most practical as the others were too baby-ish and toddler-ish.
At least I got to use most of the stuff that was in the bag. =)
*sorry chelle. me wont copy u as big elmo fan* it was just the best bag out of the rest. =D
So for 22.50AUD. I got a bag, pens, shoe laces, sticky notes, photoframe, magazine holder, and a storage box thingy!

We reached Hamilton at about 1 or 2 in the morning, and baby fetched us back from there. Thanks bi. He has been an awesome driver. =)
The day ended with a 15 minute firework display which was one of the best Ive seen.
So pretty. =)
I bought Vernesse a HSM showbag, Kay a girls only show bag, and Andrew a WWF show bag! lol
he is to shy to use the backpack though. But imma force him. blek

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