Friday, February 15, 2008

Time to Study

Seven months ago, this day was all I could think of. The day I would fly back to Aussie to clear up what I messed up. But today, all I wish for is a few more days in Malaysia.
Sigh. Im a "home-person" I dont really enjoy going out.. Dont really enjoy having gatherings in huge groups. Im most happy when Im here in the house, surrounded by the favourite people in my life. My family. =)

But I know that my lil unexpected honeymoon is over, and its the time again to go back and make sure I pass that paper. Feeling a little down because Im gona miss home so so so much. But july will come soon, and hopefully I get to come home for the winter break.

At least I have him wth me, and its gona be another few months of studying, cooking, and shopping together. Cant be that bad right?

My heart is so heavy! lol.. This has gotta be the longest break I ever had.. and Im kinda grateful for it. =)

This whole holiday, I admit I didnt do much studying.. but I managed to do quite a few things I had in mind. IE.

- Reading the whole Harry Potter series again
- Baked, and cooked alot.
- Spend quality time with family
- Painted the house
- Spring Cleaned my room
- Bought alot of new clothes. =D
- Work at the clinic. Learn that patients can be pretty scary at times.haha
- Gone through 4 months without my baby
- Watched alot alot of TV!
- Made a trip to KL, Malacca, Sg, Korea
- Finally manage to explore Singapore without having to rely on my friends the whole time
- Saw Snow! It was snowing two nights!

Cant think of anymore!

oh man. gotta wake up early for classes again. YAY!!

heres wishing myself luck in studies, and i'll make sure I memorize every stinking slide this time.

had a wonderful valentines. lunch was with baby, dinner was with parents. I got them a couple shirt from singapore! hehe

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