Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Korea Trip 2008
Dad finally decided to bring us for a holiday in Korea. It was a 6 nights trip. Left on Friday, came back on Saturday. I had so much fun! Saw many things on my wish list. Most importantly, I really spent quality time with my family. The only thing my parents couldnt stand was the weather. The temperature everyday was nearly always a negative, and as you can see in the pictures, we all looked a little like "bak changs" =( so much for looking pretty during winter like the other korean girls). =p

Me, at the airport, waiting for the tour guide to bring us our minivan

We arrived at 6 am, and ate MCd's.. then we headed of to the drama set of "Jewel in the Palace" Was pretty boring la. because only mum watched that drama. We were just rubbing our eyes, trying to let it sink into our nearly frozen brains that " there was snow all over!!" i noe. jakun right?

My watermelon ice cream that never melts, and some sweet potato balls which were pretty good! Another snack I went crazy about is the "nian gao" in korea. So yummy! Esp in that cold weather.

Then we headed to the drama set of Winter Sonata. Had to take a ferry to Nami Island

See! Its so cold till the fountain there freezed.

*to be continued. I cant seem to upload pictures now. Stewpig blogger*

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