Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 20th Birthday

Mum and dad, and sisters were on the webcame with me at on the 27.09. They sang happy birthday to me! =) and then my lights were off, and my friends here were all over to give me a surprise. =D
To Andrew, Melanie, Harold, Zarina, Weiyang,Justine, Azri.
Thank you for staying up to sing me happy birthday!
Thank you baby for the yummy pavlova cake. I had long pretty sparkly candles which I always wanted, and although I wasnt able to make a good wish (was too shy, and too SHY!), I was very surprised that they came over, and I was really happy that night lo!
No photos for that night because I think I am the only "photo crazy" person in this group. Kept scolding andrew for not taking my camera so I have no photos to rmb off that night.
Mummy was worried I didnt have a cake, so she was prety glad when she saw my friends come in. Dad was as usual, shirtless, and melanie shouted. "why got naked man on ur laptop wan!" haha. Dad quickly took a pillow to cover himself! lol

Andrew got me another care bear! Lol. He keeps complaining that I need to grow up, but see what he gets me? FunShine Bear =)

So dear organised a little dinner with a few friends of ours, so I was really happy! =) We went and had buffet for dinner, yummy food! I had duck, oysters, prawns, mussels, char siew, fish, bacon, alot of chinese food, fried noodles.. and dimsum! The deserts were yummo as well. I wanted to eat more, but was abit shy because everyone stopped eating already. Dear said he will bring me there again, just both of us so I dnt have to be shy and eat all i want! hahaha

Azri, Zarina, Me, and Mel

My oysters, and baked mussles in cheese. Very yum! I want more!

Group photo! But Harold wasnt in because he was taking the photo lah, duh. =p

Zarina and I

Mel and I

The best boyfriend in the world, and I, also the best girlfriend in the world. HAHAHAHA

Us, at Silver Dolphin

And then we went home. Harold (mels bf) and Mel came over to watch football with Bi, all 3of them were liverpool supporters. The amusing thing was when liverpool scored, their laptop hanged- and they had to restart it? And when they were able to watch it again, Torres scored the 2nd goal already. hahahaha.

ooh. b4 that, i was playing with my camera, and I made dear take pictures with me. But clearly, he wasnt interested! lol

he was in the middle of watching the liverpool match, so cannot blame him.. hee..

oklah. he played along in a must say thank u bibi.

Thanks to everyone that remembered, and wished me yesterday. Thanks to Facebook hor! lol

I had a memorable 20th birthday. It feeeels GOOOOOOOOOOD to be a TWENTIES


the only thing missing was family. But i know that they are right here, in my little heart. =)


sarah said she sent me a card. I hope I recieve it soon!!! *excited*


castalnetta said...

thats a very pretty dress you're wearing

happy belated birthday btw if you didnt see my wish on the tag board...


twohearts said...

hey fangi, I saw ur wish =)
thank you and thank you!

hugs hugs

Natasha Lim said...

andrew lost weight!

twohearts said...

lol. told you so. =p