Saturday, September 06, 2008

BIG HELLO (i was going to insert a picture of me saying a big hello from the webcam, but my webcam dosent take pictures? and the (fn) button and (print screen) is too far away. Means that my hands wont be up and saying hello, and in the end I looked like Im trying to win the Big Mouth contest or something)

sheesh. Dee and her nonsence!

So yeah.

Ive been really busy with studying and every day of the week passes to fast for me to accomplish anything!

Plus assignments are all due soon, so I spend my nights and early morning learning about the Aboriginal people in Aussie, their health, and the injustice they have suffered for a long long time.
So Merdeka Night 2008. Something that kept me busy for 3 weeks. Practicing at least an hour a day, in the wee morings. 7AM practise in the cold cold weather lor!

There was once I wore a snow cap, boots, gloves, and a huge wooly jacket just to go for practise lor. Super cold.

Merdeka Night 2008 - Uni Of Newcastle

Some of my closest friends in Newcastle. I have grown close to this few people. I have other, many many friends okay! Just not super close mah. hahaha. Stupid antisocial-ness in me. Daddy lah, I got this gene defect from him (oops!)

Zarina, she failed with me last semester too! So we are pretty close, she is like my big sister, and she cooks really well! =)

So many malays lor! Nearly all are medical students! Im good friends with all of them, but we arent really really close yet. There are only 3 chinese girls in my year. Me, Mel on top, and Suzie on top. Sad right, taylors! Send more cina mui!

This is mel and I. We only gotten quite close this semester. She is from KL. AHH. my selendeng senget in front d. why nobody tell me.

and presenting my all time BOY best friend. Chelle, u are my girl best friend k?

MR CHOO. who hates camwhoring with me. I realise I have no camwhore friends. so sad.

why sooo sleepy dear?


erm, I miss... your food i guess.

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