Friday, October 10, 2008

Wyong- Tuggerah

Yueen Mun and her friends were going to Tuggerah Westfield and I tagged along! =)
She made all of us wear dresses! You can imagine how many stares we got from strangers. 6 asian girls in dresses walking together.. lol.
I had alot of fun. Highlight of the trip wasnt the shopping, but the laughter and jokes we had on the way, and the yummy food! *droools.
Oh! not to mentioned the movie we watched! Mummy 3! I cant believe they were still showing the movie here. When I told mum we watched Mummy, she was like " har? why? still showing meh?" because I remember she watched the movie long long long long time ago.

on the way, in the bus with bimbo yueen mun
shu lin& Jen
this is yummy... tom kar or smth? cant rmb..

tomyam- shared..
my spicy noodles- yummm
s&me&bimbo ym =p
our shopping for the day!

then we went to Hamilton for dinner at 8.30 pm. I decided on this msian chinese restaurant! I like their laksa!! =)

I had a great day! Was feeling really relaxed and happy and just carefree =) But from the pictures right, you can see that i need

a) a hair cut

b) eyebrow trimming... mum says i look like crayon shinchan d. =(

c) some make up!!!


*throw away bad news*

I bougt 3 pair of shoes in one week!! =D a really,really high wedge-y white shoe, a really nice pair of "egyption goddess* quote YM shoe, and i bought another one yesterday, for lab sessions. I dont wanna wear sport shoes in side again! haha. look like idiot oni. =p Will post pictures soon!

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