Sunday, March 15, 2009

I hate HP

My laptop crashed on me yesterday. I happily started watching the 6th or 5th episode of MDG when my screen just went blank. But I could hear the sound still. Andrew told me to off it. And by the time I tried to on it again. It wouldn't work!!!

*insert all kinds of vulgar words here!*
I'm very angry because I just sent it for a motherboard replacement a few
months ago and it cost my daddy rm1200 leh.

Repairing it will cost money. So I decided that I should get a new one here. Am thinking of a MacBook because he thinks that it would be a very good choice. So I might just get one next week.

So in the mean time, I will be computer-less for the week before andrew completes his GP placments on thursday!

Thank god I bougt an iPhone. Can still go online! :D

I very xin tong okay. I really
Took care of the laptop. Made sure it does not get overheated and stuff.

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