Friday, March 06, 2009

He decided to drive home after GP. I was excited =)
Reached home at about 7 plus at night. Had lovely dinner.
He left at 6.30 in the morning.
When i woke up, I felt like it was a dream. Did he come home yesterday? It all came and ended so fast.

He told me he was going to see a surgery at the GP at 5pm.
I waited till 7 and he didnt message me back. I messaged asking him what surgery he was in lah!

10 minutes later, he was at my door.
I love you! =)

Am currenly sooo stressed out. I have so much work to do it isnt funny anymore.
=( plus the weekends are suppose to be spent with him before he goes off for another week of placements.

Cardio block has been really stressing for me. =(

help meeeee!
i dont yike studying!

I had a nice day out with my friends yesterday. We were suppose to go nearby for baskin robbins and grocery shopping. But then we missed the bus, so we headed off to Westfield for a day of shopping!
So we came back at 4 plus. I was too tired to do any work, so i told myself to relax for a few hours before studying. Had my dinner, took a bath and then my smelly doctor came home.
Had to go out for dinner, then slept early because we wanted to polish car in the morning. -.-

no wonder im so behind schedule.

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