Thursday, March 19, 2009

4 weeks placements done

Today was the last day of placements for me this sem. 4 weeks of rural, straight. I dont even remember what its like being a uni student anymore, having not been to lectures or tuts all this while. And yes, it has been a good experience la, no denying that. BUT, im just burnt out by now, sorta like when ure just done with a major exam or smth.

First day of pract, this is what I saw when i first got in to the accomadation in Scone. just dead crickets everywhere, kitchen, bathtub, even in my room. They just keep coming in the whole night, i mustve killed like hundreds during my 2 weeks there.

The room I got really wasnt fancy. Pretty small, has a smell to it. Dusty.. and no, im not whining. Just stating the facts.

But yea, that was Scone. Was there for 2 weeks, and then moved on to Muswellbrook (which is just 30 mins drive from Scone). Everyone was telling me how crap the accomodation was gonna be, but when I got there, I was actually quite satisfied.
Room was pretty big.. bed was comfy and linen was ATLEAST provided (wasnt in Scone), had a huge study table.. no smell smore. only problem was I had to buy a fan. I have no idea why there is no fan here. and best part is........ no crickets!
Over the 4 weeks, I've managed to do stitching, a per rectal exam (vomits), observe a C-section, give alot of injections, and also play with urine alot (dipstick test). It was good, but now Im just glad to be going home soon. Cant wait to see bi! And i dun have to wake up at 8am anymore!

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