Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Room For The Year

I moved out from my previous house because It was getting a little disgusting, and we couldnt stand the landlords! He hasnt given us our bond back, but Andrew has been calling him to complain. (I hope!)
We were lucky enough to get a place in Barahineban this year. I wanted to stay here because most of my friends were on campus, and its such a nice place to live in, but sadly, they changed the policy and places were given to first years instead, so most of them are off campus now. =(

However, Im loving this place! =) I dont have to clean the toilet! And I HATED doing that!
I have my own kitchen, bathroom, tv, and the best thing is everything is in a room!

I guess it can get a bit boring, being cooped up in the room, but I guess im boring like that, so thats not a big problem.
Our room is pretty messy all the time, and although we try to keep the mess to a minimum
I cant help it! We are both messy people. =(

The kitchen. I love how I can just cook and watch TV, or use my computer without walking far. =)

My clean, pretty toilet!
This is the neat-est my desk can get. =) There are always books, papers, highlighters and pens thrown around normally.

So there you go. Hopefully I dont get kicked out next year (although there is a high possibility) so I can enjoy the luxury of fast internet, air conditioning and cleaners!

My cbox expired because it was too quiet i guess? =( SO SAD!

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