Monday, April 19, 2010

Sports Carnival 2010 . Gooo MYSUN!

We had to wake up at 4 to catch the 5.30a.m to Sydney Aquatic Center.
I was super sleepy and grumpy, and tried to sleep throughout the whole journey.
Stole photos from a girl that came along because I was too lazy to bring my camera

I didnt get to play alot that day, and although I was a bit dissappointed I guess it was for the better! The teams we played against were really good! Esp the girls from Sydney University and UNSW!
They were fast, tall and had excellent team work!
I miss netball practices already. It was good fun =) and the team that represents Newcastle next year better start practicing earlier than we did! Because we have so much to improve on.

Basketball was soooooo nice to watch as well!
The boys were all soooooo talented!!!
This has to be my favourite sport to watch. I wished Andrew played it more often now. =(

Basketball, netball and football team =)

It was a tiring two day event, but something that I missed for a long time.
The whole "togetherness", sportsmanship and all brought me back to secondary school, and all the wonderful memories I had in Convent.

We had to stay at a backpackers! Which was quite EWW, but alright lah.
Had korean food (Again!) but tummy was a little upset due to gastric!

I was very proud of Andrew though. Everytime he played I felt really proud of him and understood why he enjoys his games so much. Good work dear!

It was great fun, and I enjoyed every second of it.
New friendships were made, and I got closer to some girls, which is really good =)

Goooo MYSUN! =)

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