Friday, April 16, 2010

I am 3 days away from completing my 8 full day placement at the Kotara Family Practice.
My GP is wonderful, and I am sooo glad I got him as my first doctor.
Imaging starting off your clinical years with a crappy fierce doctor.
He is lovely! And most of the patients love him.

i had to take a bus back because Andrew wasnt free today, and this little boy in front of me was trying to play with me. He decided to start shooting me with his dirty little fingers, and he tried to make the shooting sound as he did it, so I ended up being covered in his saliva, =(

Tolerated it for 5 minutes, and ran to the toilets at Uni to wash my whole arm and face. lol
Kids - i guess!
But he was pretty cute la!

Andrew and I are off to Sydney tomorow. We are taking a 5.30am bus with the whole lot of msian students for the Sports Carnival at the Uni of Sydney.
Should be fun! Our first games starts at 9.50am the same day, and we will be competing with 4 other Universities.

Wish us all the best! =)
Its been such a sleepy day with GP in the morning, and tutorial from 2-4.
So right now, Im relaxing with a cup of steaming hot coffee, and well, washing my laundry for the week! Clothes have been pretty stinky because I have been exercising! lol
Practice this whole week okay!

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