Saturday, April 05, 2008


Woke up pretty early yesteday because we had to go to the hospital to interview some patients. Ain and I walked to the hospital and reached there the earliest! apart from Steve, who was there earlier to get an x-ray done. I think I did a fairly OK job yesterday, considering how bad I was when I first started last year *shiver*
I even presented coz Ain didnt want to. The disadvantage of having a Malaysian partner lor! haha. push the responsibility to me. =(
However, my tutor said I did a good job althought I forgot some details coz it was pretty hard to remember everything the nice old man said. Plus, his thick accent was hard for me to understand as well, leaving Ain and I different interpretations of what was heard!
Later, Katrina told us not to change because she wanted a picture of us wearing our formal clothes together! Wore my swimsuit inside when I got home coz I was going to the beach later!

The photo turned out quite blurry. haha.
from left : Milad, Zoheb, Steve, Belinda, Neelya, Katrina, Ain and I
Later that afternoon, I headed to the beach with some friends.. without darling.. =( He couldnt go because he was stuck givin flu vaccines to elderly leh! So geng d. *jelez*

This is my favourite picture. LOL. look at my hair man! I had so much fun, just letting the strong waves bring me around. It was actually pretty cold, but suprisingly, the sun came out as we laid back on the beach. niceness. =)

Me, shivering after playing in the sea..

see. another picture of me when i wasnt ready. So uuuglyy.

Later at night, we went over to Weiyang's place for dinner. Weiyang made chicken, Hazel fried vege, Andrew and I helped with the mash potato, and I also made the salad. lol.

Dinner was really good! Especially since the stove at home is not working. =(

Our holidays have started already. Missing home, but this hollie marks that my flight back home is one the way d!

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