Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hollidays for me have officially started.. 4th till the 20th April or so! 2 weeks, which is exactly what I need to rest the engines and kick start it again. No point going on overdrive for the whole distance. Both us had initially planned to make a trip to Gold Coast, but then decided to scrap it cuz it was sort of a rush, and we were going back to Malaysia soon enough anyways.

But boo-hoo, tommorow is suppose to be an off day for me, but what do i got? a full day GP placement ( 9 to 5 smore) at a medical centre 30 mins or so away (by train) from where Im stayin. Gon be dead tired.. And then on Sunday ive got another half day visit at a different GP. mati la.. hopefully tommorows doctor is a nice man, onottttt..

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