Sunday, April 13, 2008

My trusty little gadget

Blogging thru my iPod touch because I am bored!! Also, I have not been using the Internet feature for a while now. I am still not very used to the whole concept of this typing using the touch screen. Hmm..
I love my iPod because I get to look at pictures of my family,friends,and boyfriend wherever I am. The pictures are clear and nice lor. And since I have so much memory , I can upload thecwhole album into my iPod!!

Also, I uploaded a few Gossip Girl episodes so I can watch them while working out at the gym! I find this really helpful, BEcause I feel very stupid if I had to run while doing nothing. And songs don't help! Its probably because all the songs I like are very slow so i get bored while exercising to it. Plus, gossip girl is so entertaining rite!

Oklar, enough of pratising typing on the iPod.

Have a good day everyone
I hope mummy comes down to AUstralia!!

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