Friday, April 25, 2008

Being a Liverpool fan, there has never been such a waddafuck moment like this. An own goal which was practically the last kick of the game, and against the team that most Liverpool fans hate the most (besides Manchester of course). Yes, theres no justice in football and this is the biggest proof. Just two weeks ago we got a penalty right after conceding to Arsenal, so this really is a turn of fortunes. sighsss..

I still have not lost hope tho, next week we'll be heading to Stamford Bridge, and we have to score a goal after this 1-1 draw. For those footballing noobs, a 0-0 draw will see us eliminated due to goal difference.. godammn. But being a Kopite, you have to always keep your head held high up, and always believe..

A 6th Champions League title. its all about possibilities.. best believe.
Btw, dear just made lovely chocolate muffins! yum yum!

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