Saturday, May 17, 2008

Steps to Put on Weight

Open the box and you get these....

So far, we've eaten the brownie..

And the chocolate log..

Both were simply delicious. Am currently eating a "lemon tart" one now.. =) Yumms. I think Im really putting on alot of weight. sigh..

I think it was two nights ago that I learnt to make something which Im really proud of! =) Weiyang thought me how to make this delish dessert.

Presenting.... the


Really easy and simple to make, but good things dont come cheap! Spent like 25AUD on just the ingredients!

I also made some chocolate cheese cupcake, which are Andrews fav's!

sigh, all these deserts are source of unnecessary calories to add to my poor body! Be going home soon, less than a month! gee. means I'll have to sit for tt darn paper soon!

Back to studying about the rules rules rules and legislations of Aussieland. how interesting.

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