Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why GTA IV roxxors

So far I've been clocking in minimal hours in GTA IV, but its jsut damn hard to resist it at times... Damnnn la, why medicine exams always force us to study so much.. I dont remember trying to hafal every damn thing in my textbooks during secondary school days.. there was usually a way to get around it, where ' I roughly know' is enough..

Ok, back to the topic...

Nike Belic, the good guy (or bad guy, depending on what you perceive randomly shooting down pedestrians and car-jacking to be) of the game, just makes you want to stay on and see what's gon happen next in the game. He's a really likeble dude, has a sense of humour and also a very good russian accent (props to the voice acting). Playing the game is just like watching a movie, you would just want to stay on and see what happens. And it prolly satisfies every macho-ism dream of guys that wanted to be THAT dude from gangster movies.. thats prolly why guys love this game, and girls like dear just dont see the big deal in it.. hehe..

Study term is coming to an end soon, with only 2 weeks left. Somehow, I feel the lecturers are getting lazier as I find myself having lots of free time. Even the lectures from 2 weeks ago arent up yet. Wtf is up with thats..

Ohyea, dear is flying off to malaysia earlier than me! Traitor lar she. Say wan same same fly back on 26th, and then she decided to go on the 17th!!!!! But good also la, she stay here so long oso no point since her exams habis so soons.. Im cool with that.

K, need to study smore. Peace and pieces

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