Sunday, October 23, 2005

3 more weeks

exactly 3 more weeks. cunness.. cant wait to take my first paper ...seriously, I wanna get it done with asap, and then im back to enjoyin my life.. :) Preparation for my SPM is goin at an ok pace i guess tho I dont really have the mood to study anymore.. Its like, I just covered the same topics a month or so ago during the trials exam, and here I am again, reading the same ol ish.. Keep tellin myself to bersabar and tahan abit more oni. haha..
Ohyea,i watched Sky High last Friday at dear's place. No idea who picked to watch that movie oso since she has watched that b4..I wanted to watch Red Shoes So wat do i think of Sky High..?? Errmm, i think if iwas 10 years younger i might actually enjoy it.. Too bad im not.. Its like, a modern day Power Rangers movie, or sumtin similiar to that la.Nasib no1 forced me to go cinema to watch this movie, def wud've been a waste of my money.. lol...
I'm lookin forward to King Kong tho, movie should be dope from what ive seen in the trailers..King Kong looks more badass than any other of his movies in this one... You know its gon be good.
Actually,there's nuttin much to update on right now.. Life's been kinda dull , very few even come online nowadays. I guess most are stressed out, cept for EC fellas..haha.. all still relaxin, goin cyber cafes, pontengin classess etc.. terrer rite..??
Kla, i guess i'll stop here.. wanna belajar abit of add maths now.. add maths damn shit subject sial, either u master it or u dont.. And if u cant do 1 question , then u'll lose mood and cant do the rest.. Cant hentam smore.. dayumnnnnn

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