Wednesday, October 19, 2005


~Andrew~ currently listenin to : My own song.. haha..still untitled.
11.11 pm rite now.. cool eh..? haha.. SPM less than a month away.. cant wait to actually take the damn paper..The wait itself is killin me.. It's not that Im lookin forward to takin it, im just lookin forward to the day when SPM is over.
right now im kinda confused on what course i shud take next year, and I dont really have alotta time to make this decision.. ive got SAM on one hand, and A levels on the other.. think i gotta ask around more b4 makin a decision.. ish.. i hate makin decisions, esp when its as major as this. dayumnnnnn
i stil have yet to tell my parents my trial,4b, and 2c's.. they're gon kil me.. so damn suay that the last test i took in ec is the worse outing ive had.. position in class oso drop like duno wat liddat... but i expected it la, since i screwed up 2 of my science subjects..both paper 3 for kimia and bio eksperiment salah. just my luck ,just my luck..
Right now im so damn envious of those form 3 fellas. PMR dah habis, and they're all enjoyin life right now... too bad they're gon face Add Math next

ohyea,one of my classmates said this yesterday ..
" Its hard to see u havin any enemies "
lol.. thats cuz I talk alotta bs when im with the guys.. I dont know how true it is tho, but its nice hearin stuff like this.. haha..

aitez, im gon kal my darling now .. its gettin late anywayz.. pz

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