Wednesday, October 26, 2005


got back from Open Day bout 3 hours ago.. yup yup, English College damn terrer, got open day 2 days b4 school ends.. wan the parents to grill us kao kao cuz of bad results.. thank god my dad doesnt really bother bout these results too much, prolly doesnt wanna scold me and lower my confidence since SPM is like ,so damn near.. But my mum's a different case.. rare spesies.. Ya hardly see the female being the fiercer one in a fam.. but well, my fam's different..haha. wonder how she's gon scold me later.. nvm la.. used to it liao.
ohyea, turned on the radio on the way to school this morning and guess wat.??!!??? Liverpool lost to Crystal Palace.. lol.. must've played really badly i guess.. aihz.. European Champions smore... memalufying.. ish ish..
okiez,i gotta go back to the books rite now.. dun wanna waste time.. take carez n byez..

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