Friday, October 14, 2005


I've gotten all my results back already, and I didnt expect to do this badly.. ohwellz, gotta learn to accept it since i cant turn back the hands of time.. damn it.. but as long as i can go to college and study the course that I want, then I have no complaints..
PMR finished earlier this week... I still remember 2 years ago, I was thinkin my BM wud be gettin a C or smth.. but somehow i got an 2 years seem like it was so recent ..back then , I didnt know how difficult add math was gonna be, and I thought all the talk from my seniors bout them failing and stuff was due to the fact that they're dumb and never study wan.. c'mon la.. form 3 math was easy , and I thought add math wasnt gon be much different.. how wrong i was.. I had so much fun after PMR yo, its like.. me n the guys kept goin out ,watch movies , play sports etc.. wonder how hard we gon party once SPM is over..I dont really have much mood to study right now ... SPM fever has died down i guess..I cant wait for it to be over, I wish i could sit em papers next week. no kiddin, I just wanna get it done...

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