Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sin City

altho ive got exams around the corner, i still have to catch a movie once in awhile.. rite now im just randomly picking a movie to download, cuz its pretty much a good way to kill time when u need to smth to do once your books are put aside for a moment..
I managed to catch Sin City earlier this morning.. I saw the posters around City Square earlier this year, but wasnt really sure if they did show the movie onot.. At first the movie was in black n white, and i was like "damn.. must be low quality download ..waste my time "... then only did i realise that most parts of the movie is in black n white, in order to give it a more stylish comic feel,since the movie's based on the comics anywayz.. The nice thing is that there's a bunch of major stars in the movie ( Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood, Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy , and a few who look familiar but i dun remember the name).. The action is out of this world kind, and its as gory as Kill Bill,or maybe even more, with alot of chopping here n there.. Its def worth the 2 hours, and I'd recommend this to any1 who loves action flicks.. ohyea,there's a few nice shots of Brittany Murphy n Jessica Alba too, so thats another reason for ya guys to catch the movie.. lolz..

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