Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I remember...

I remember when i was a kid, I always wondered what would happen after I died and my mum would scold me for askin such a question.

I remember in kindergarten I once punched a kid in his eyes. Next day, his parents made a complaint to the teachers and I received one hell of a scolding.

I remember that when i was in primary 1, I always hated girls. I was always kutuking them.

I remember that in primary 2, i scored a goal in pj while playin football.. I was always lookin forward to PJ lessons every week and I would get excited . How weird eh..?

I remember that as a kid, I always had a weird feeling when the weekends were over. I never did look forward to mondays.

I remember that when I was in primary 2, I was terrified I would be getting a scolding cuz I forgot to hantar my book. Teachers back then looked like my worse nightmares and I was never one to actually interact with them.

I remember that in primary 3, I was playin chess in class while teacher was teaching. Teacher ended up scolding the both of us. I never did apologise.

And I'm already 17 now. Time has passed so fast.. I know that in 2 months time ,everyone would be goin our seperate ways. The same people I play basketball with, the same people that I joke with in school, they will be a distant memory once spm is over and college life has started.. Once we reach 25, we prolly might not even recognize each other even if we're seated beside each other. I guess memories cant be forgotten, but they cant always be remembered clearly.. Thats why Im takin my time to actually type em down..
School's gon be over.. I cant wait to start a new life, but there's actually nothing wrong with my current life.. I cant wait to see wat every1's gon be doin on the last day of SPM...

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