Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear left out so many funny embarassing moments in SG. =P

Neway, I DID IT.
after so many weeks of deliberating.. i did it.

no, i didnt do anythin naughty, i just gave myself a whole new look. i made myself a few years younger too!

I snip off my long and very DRY curls!!

and I did smth I said i was nv gona do. i did a lil straightening with my hair. "Relaxed" it lor

so fun. =) chelle was with me the whole time, speaking to the hairsylist in chinese for me. he nearly gave me center parting, like eee...

i dont know why,but everytime i blog, its like some alphabets get missing when i type fast. and its so annoying!!

Me and my short hair. ok. not the best pic of me, but m not photogenic. how leh?

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