Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Crazy Woman Experience. *shivers*

It was already at night, when Andrew and I decided it was time to go back home, as the jam due to "office people" should have been over by then. I had to use the toilet, and I was pretty excited to see how nice and dandy the toilet at The Pavilion will be.

As I walked in, I saw this woman in her fourties. She wasnt really well dressed, and I noticed that one of her legs were shorter than the other, causing her to wear specially made shoes.
I smiled at her, as I "chosed" which toilet I wanted to use. First toilet I went to had tissue papers cloggin the toilet bowl. So I came out, and she was there again. I went to the 2nd toilet, and there was brownish human waste in it! *shudders* So I came out and there she saw me again. I decided to try the other toilet, and when I was satisfied with the hygiene level of that particulat cubicle, the stupid lock was GONE! grr.
So I came out again! and there was tt lady again. Looking at me suspiciously! I smiled. as I was thinking " hmm. we cant even find a decent toilet to use , right"

So i decided to wait for the other toilets because they were all occupied. She went back to the first toilet she chose, and after two seconds, opened the door and asked me.
"ARE U WAITING FOR ME??" to which i replied. "NO?!?"

She closed the door, and came out with a bottle of spray and sprayed at my direction!!
I couldnt read what was written on the label, but i saw a word "FISH" written on the can.
I was so freaked out, I ran out of the toilet LOR. =(
Nearly teared.. ='( and then I saw my prince charming in messy messy hair, and we walked quickly before I told him my scary story.

She probably got robbed before, and thus became paranoid over anyone who came out of toilets so many times.. I guess it was just bad timing ba.

Bi tried to cheer me up by saying maybe the woman was going to shit, and she was thoughtful enough to spray some air freshener before she poooped. lol

So theres my short story about my encounter with the scary lady. =)

I dont want to go to the ladies anymore alonnneeee.. =(

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