Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Mum brought us up to kl about two weeks ago.. Main goal was to meet up with friends, and also to visit at least one of the new malls there.
Reached around 1-ish, and met up with the G1 gang..
Everyone looks a lil different, especially si- ESTHER tan, who has lost soo much weight lorh!!
*smack her*
We had tea together at D'lish.. had the chesse and raspberry cupcake which was really good =)
Was suppose to go for mamak, but the place was so pack, and it didnt make sence if we had to sit at separate tables when we meet up right.. So off we went to Dlish lor..
Oh yea, i forgot to mention we went for a movie as well. The HeartBreak Kid.
Movie was really funny lar, stupid funny...

Newae, after our tea time, everyone went their separate ways. and Dear and I headed for dinner at... hm.. Nandos ar?
Night time was spent watching Gossip Girls! lol..

The next day, mum went off to find her friends, and of bibi and I went to hunt for Kaytriesse's birthday present.. After having lunch at Madam Kwans, We headed to the Pavilion!
Taxi was freaking expensive though.. RM25 LEH! and the first thing we did...
finally lor, after a year of craving for yummy doughnuts.!! Dar and I decided to get half a dozen, then maybe tapao some to bring back home later.
Tiramisu, Green Tea, Peanut Butter, Oreo, Chocolate, and Almonds!
hehe..every single donut was yummos!
The best thing I adore about J.CO, is that their donuts are not too sweet at all!
We waited for about 20 minutes lor.. But i dont think that was pretty long, considering the yummy treasures that were waiting for us. =D

After walking alot alot alot around the huge pavilion, we manage to get back in the rain for RM25 again.grr

Oh yea. I met a crazy woman in the toilet. =( sniff.
Will blog about it later bah.
and yeash bi.. I was still sleeping wor. *hugs*

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