Friday, January 18, 2008

Went out with deary yesterday, and off we headed to get tickets for Cloverfield @ tebrau city. Initial plan was to watch Gameplan, but as soon as I realised Cloverfield was showing, I managed to persuade dear to watch it with me, much to her dismay. lol

Yes, Cloverfield. The movie that was so hyped about in the States but not in Malaysia. Funny, I wonder if any Malaysians even knew wat this movie was bout. For those that dont know, the trailer of this movie was first shown when the Transformers movie aired, and even from the trailers.. it was hard to tell what this movie was gon be about. So anyways, to cut a long story short, this movie was really really good. It pretty much sets the bar for future monster movies.. My only complain is that the movie was pretty short, and it leaves the audiences wanting more, but a sequel is highly unlikely I guess.

Im gon be off to Kay Elle today for cousins wedding.. abit malas ar, and I rather be in JB. Ohyea, my PS3 has been resurrected. Not really ar, they actually replaced the whole set for me, which means I have a scratch-free wan but have to play my Resistance FOM from the start again.. goddamn..

Okay, webcaming with dear now... Love u dear! hope u have fun in JB.. hopefully i can tapau donuts back for u! pz

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