Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This post is gonna be random, but random enough for it to make sense. Make sense?
Ok, here we go...

The Melbourne Shuffle

This has gotta be the most annoying dance routine ever, in the history of dancing. Some might say that its not fair for me to say this cuz I am not one who is into the club and rave scene, but this dance just really does suck. The guy who invented it must've been high or smth, and yes, it really does make you look like you're on ecstasy. Well done and kudos if that was the point of this dance routine. And the pants supposedly cost Rm300+ or so, and according to a friend of mine, its suppose to make you look like you're 'floating on air'??? Besides that, it completely rips off the whole Crib Walkin (go youtube it) dance, just adding a variation to it so that it would suit ahbengs more..

And why am I saying all this now even tho the craze started well over a year ago?? Simply put it, its becoming something similar like that 'finger snapping' thing that came up when i was in primary 6, where everyone would just be snapping their two fingers aimlesly, like they were TFK-ing..Now almost everywhere I go, I see a group of kids in shopping malls just shuffling all of a sudden..lolz.. Thats like, the most WTF moment Ive ever had.. all of a sudden, out of no where..

If you have been living under a rock all this while and have no idea what this dance is, heres a video..

And no, Im not hating on this because its not hip hop or anything. To prove my point, heres another dance that I really really hate but has somehow managed to rock clubs in America, hopefully it doesnt make its way over here. Its a song called Crank Dat, which somehow showed those that dont already know why rap is dying. People are making bubblegum songs, with very very very simple lyrics and bad rapping, with an average chorus and a catchy beat. Whats worse? The rapper even added a dance move to the song! can you say dayummmmmn?

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