Thursday, December 06, 2007

It was Michelle's birthday yesterday, so we stayed over at her place on the 4th. =)
She came to my place, tried on clothes, and bought 3! =) XIE XIE chelle. my very BEST FRIEND. She wants me to mention that she is one of the best customers mummy has.

So we had a pyjama party! Everyone looked so cute ..

After bathing, we baked a cake for Michelle.. All of us put in effort into making this wonderful chocolate cake! It was really really the best chocolate cake Ive eaten lor. Even better then any cake shop lor.

See how happy the birthday girl is? The cake was ready at 12.10 i think. hee

Her cake with a Letter M on it. =)

Then the next day, we went to Singapore . Went to Jurong and we ice skated!

I didnt bring my gloves and socks.. so I had to pay blardy 20 sg dollar for the whole thing.

Guess what. Two years ago. we saw Sylvester Sim while celebrating chelles birthday in sg. And yesterday we saw him AGAIN lor!! Wanted to take a pic of him, but he skated too fast. We were being a bunch of "sakais" , standing in the middle of rink and discussing wether we should ask for a picture. lol. Then he got all big headed and skated really fast to avoid us. So we decided to stop looking at him.. I think he realised because he skated really really close to us after that, and we even sat on the same row of benches to take off the skates. =)

Had so much fun that day ! Shopping was for a short while because I didnt have enough money. grr. Next time only go again!!

Bought 4 lil miss shirts. For nessy, kay, chelle and I.

My shirt very perasan-ted.

Little Miss Splendid. wheeee!

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