Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now I can fully enjoy my remaining 2 months of break without worries after having passed both papers. So far everyone that I know passed too, so thats good news..

Rain has been killin the mood tho.. Its been raining for the past week already, which makes it difficult to drive cuz of the weather, traffic jam, and potholes. JB roads memang like shit wan ar, everytime theres a heavy downpour, then u can expect to find lotsa potholes.. Last year I even went into one too fast till one of the rims kemek abit and had to get the whole tire replaced. It wasnt even the family's car.. lolz..

Today looks abit sunny tho, so Im hoping for good weather. Going out to watch golden compass today with dear, altho some1 has watched it already.. pfffftttt..

Aite, wanna go out soon dy.. chowz

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