Monday, November 12, 2007

12th November is finally here! =)
But too bad I wont be seeing him today..sigh. Its allright, I waited four months, I can wait another day. =p
*squeaks in excitement*
My baby if finally back.My baby is finally back =)

Just woke up from a long nap.. Wasnt long enough though, I wanted to sleep till tomorow morning so that the first person I see would be him. lol.
Making dinner for the family tonight. Baked macaroni, Hopefuly it turns out good.. =)

*Yawns* feeling so tired after waking up early this morning for work. Everyday at the clinic, I will be waiting for the clock to show 12.00pm, coz then I can go home. hehe..
Im such a lazy pig.

Cant wait for tomorow to come. When everything.. everything will go bck to normal. Thanks for being faithful ( i think) bi. I love u. =)

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