Sunday, November 18, 2007

My chocolate chip butter cake! =)

The wedding was allright yesterday, was kind of romantic, because they had their own video which they took while taking their wedding photos.. But the thing was, they kept repeating it again and again! Was kinda annoyed after it played for the 20++ times..

Came back home and slept through the night..

This morning, Dad, Nessy, Andrew and I went to play badminton at Tiara! I drove them to and fro.. * so proud* haha

This was the first time we didnt stop earlier than an hour. But we lost to my dad and sis. *sigh* But i thought we made a pretty good team.. lol..

Dad said Im played like a bimbo though. heehee

So we went home, and took baths. Guess where we went for lunch. TGIF again!

Ate quite alot, and then mum called.

Yesterday during the wedding, my uncle had two tables which were empty, so he decided to treat us for dinner again tonight. Had the exact same food again. Soo very full now!

Dad nagged me because I havent been studying for a long time. haha..

So heres my promise.

I shall study from tomorow onwards! =) At least.. 2 hours a day!

But I need my bibi to accompany me. can?

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