Saturday, March 15, 2008


I like reading blogs when the blogger uploads lots of photos in one entry. So yea. Random photos which i got from my phone.

Pls bear with the 2MP quality pictures.. =)

Our very own Kebabs. Onions were so burnt tho. should have used thicker portions of if. Chicken was great! Credits to bi. He is the marinating KING among.. the both of us. =p

HM. im not sure but if u enlarge this picture, u should be able to see a very pretty bird. We caught a sight of her (coz its pretty) while walking back from Uni.

*sings (So Happy Together...) or maybe me only lah. look at his smile. grr

The day I flew from Sg. =( miss u girls..

I think rite. When I go back in June. We will all be the same height d.

oh oh! We ARE coming back this June. 26th of June! But it will only be an 18th day holiday this time.

wtf. why u kiss my mummy

ur mummy + my mummy = gossip gossip talk talk talk

So pretty. So cute. =)

So pretty?? So cute?? =p

We dont look alike at all. Do we!

Yay. camwhore while studying =D

Hair is growing! No more short fringe! wheee..!

Dont have daddy's photo! Will upload more random photos later. Internet is bugging me.



. =p this was so long ago. my long hair..sobz

jolyn's mouth is the looongest. lol

Chelle chelle. misss u lah!

ooo. this was when I had fresh new curls.

chelles leg smelly smelly.

long hairr... blingy-fied camera.

kay kay looks so innocent & cute here! i dont think anyone likes to smile here

holy crap. haha. This was during SPM. nessy decided we should play dress up

holy BIG crap nessy u so tiny and skinny here!!??!!

4 of us are in different parts of the world now. jaybee-newcastle-florida-perth.
why liddat?
i like this picture. good morning at chelles place.

* why this bi nv reply me*
looking retarded in my orange mickey mouse jammie.
dont take spontaneous photos of me. i ALWAYS look horrible. I mite go look u my picture files. I can guarantee u, all will look horrifying.
hope u enjoyed it!
have a good day. I will be having a picnic later at some water land or smth liddat a uni.

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