Friday, March 07, 2008

The moment i turned around and saw you fell on the floor covering your mouth. My heart started pumping. "Shit. What should we do now?" it got even worse when I saw your chipped tooth, and blood just flowing down.

I didnt know what were the "protocols" for a chipped tooth. I didnt know where I should bring you. I didnt know what to do to stop you from feeling pain. All I could offer was a hand to hold and a hug to tell you that I feel your pain. Which you definitely rejected.

Thats when I realise why Im still stuck here in Newcastle studying medicine. I guess one of the biggest reason why I havent chose another course, was because I want to be there to know what to do when someone around me gets hurt. From a little cut, bruise to well, a chipped tooth. =p
I want to know why someone is feeling pain, and I want to be someone that has the knowledge to help you stop the pain.

Only after the incident did I realise that there were many things that we should have done. I could have stopped by the house to get you a nice bag of ice to stop you lips from being so swollen. I could have made sure you put the chipped tooth into a cup of milk, or leave it in your mouth to make sure it doesnt get dry. I could have told you not to hold your tooth by the roots, and only hold it from the crown.

This was only a small accident. I dont want to look back and asked myself why I didnt do this and that if an accident were to happen again.

once again baby. Im sorry. =(

love love! hehe
yay.. 30 more minutes before meeting you for lunchie! whee!

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