Sunday, March 16, 2008

To my LOYAL readers ( aka Kay&Nesse)

it was my 2mp handphone lar. This was the bird we saw. Found the photo on the internet. =p Pretty rite pretty rite! Sigh. I just realise my last post was filled with pretty pictures *perasan*

So yea.. MYSUN had a picnic party yesterday. Met quite a number of new people. Had lotsa fun & laughters. BUT!! ALOT OF MOZZIES BIT ME.. =(
was scratching and scratching. smore had to choose such a nice place to have a picnic. right in the middle of a jungle.

While walking to the wetlands. ( it wasnt water land, lol) hm. I look super short, and my arms look big. =( i need to do some exercise..

ohh. but here it looks like i got muscular arms. eww. take back the exercising. maybe i should just snack less. see. spontaneous photo - sooo ugly

Bi, trying to find the picnic. see my uni. ever filled with nature

haha. another photo coz the other photo was abit blur i think.

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