Monday, March 10, 2008

First time blogging since the 3 and a half weeks ive been here. Hmmmm, not much has changed, well, cept for the fact that I got a chipped tooth from squash which you wouldve prolly read about.. ARRRRRGHHH!

Sooooooooo... this year looks set to be a pretty busy sem for me, which Im not too pleased bout.. Seems like the amount of work we gotta do each week is just increasing, and add that to the amount of hospital + gp visits I've gotta do, theres really not much time for everything else.. Its hard to find time to spend with dear, hard to find time to play PS3, hard to find time to go to the gym.. you get the drift..

Ohyea, talk about a change of emotions.. last week I had that basketball league competition which I also joined during first sem last year, and in OMFG fashion, I screwed up the teams chance of winning the game by missing 2 free throws with only 1 second left. .. and the team was only 1 point down.. lol. nasib its just grading night , so I got a chance to make up for it when it actually stars.. woots.. how different it felt to hit the game tying shot last year @ the last sec, compared to missing the game winning wan... sighz.

and to the moment you've all been waiting for.. cuz dear took so long to crop the pic to prevent any1 from seeing my blackheads (spelling???) incase u all zoom into it.

can you say wtf?? lol.. hmmm, but now that I look at it , it looks worse in real life actually.. especially when u push your tongue through that gap.. shit just feels weird.. but now its much better tho, and Im getting pretty used to the feeling. lots of thanks goes to dear for her insistance (is that even a real word?) of bringing me to the hospital and taking care of me for the next few days. found out that you really have to patch it up as soon as it came off to prevent infection, and thats just what the dentist did .. thought it was free tho, but today only they bill it to me.. 100 Aus for just filling up the exposed part (note: not the whole gap. just the part which was touching the gums!).. thats so stupids, cuz I went and did a full filling the next day and that cost 140 i think.. maybe its for the dentist petrol money cuz it was after hours and all..
will take a pic of how it looks like now whenever dear's camwhoring, cuz i dont got a camera of my own. lolz.

okay so that basically sums up my 4 weeks over here.. ohyea, dinner nowadays are much better than last sem cuz dear's helping out in the kitchen! and I really love her pancakes ,too bad she duwan make for me ya! kbyez

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