Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Im twenty nikka!

yeap yeap, I've just turned 20 yesterday. Celebrations werent over the top or anything, but the day was really made special by dear! We pretty much spent the whole day together, from like, 8am to 10 pm!! She made a lovely and huge card, got 2 shirts as a gift and a birthday cake for the first time in like, 10 years?? or maybe more. Cant remember.

Im happy =) , but then results out this Friday. not that happy. But its gonna be like that every year until Im out of med school. ish ish.

no pictures yet cuz dear has all of em, will post them up once i get em. Once again, thanks dear for everything!! Love having you around!

Thats bout all la. Ohyea, ive jumped on the Heroes bandwagon. It is so dope i dunno how i didnt jump on it earlier! Okbyez

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