Friday, July 25, 2008

I miss home..

I miss home..

I miss home..


Life is ok here.
Being lonely in the house is not good though.
Stupid Andrew go play basketball.
I finally got off my stupid ass and went to the GYM today!
Had Body Jam classes which were nice!

I realise that I have a thing for Latino dances.
She had a routine using Latin moves and it was fun fun fun!
I like leh!
Reminded me of the samba dance we did for I U Day!

mambo, cha cha. hehehe.

Uni is great! Everything Im learning is interesting, tute mates this year are not too bad, miss my old tute mates! =(
GP placements coming up, plus hospital interviews again..
Visits to the anatomy lab again, which are interesting, but I cant stand the smell of my gloves + formalin. ughh

And it dosent come off easily!!

Today was autonomy day.
Its a day to celebrate the fact that our Uni was seperated from UNSW? or smth liddat? I dont know..

Newae, this gives the locals a good reason to drinK! From as early as 2.30 am till now! They are probably still somewhere out there spoiling their liver. lol

and poor little asians like me are too scared to walk out of the house. lol
drunk people everywer acting... scary! hehe

klar, lousiest post ever. toodles..

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