Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Me Jetlagged??

Dont tell me im jet-lagged?

Ive been so tired recently, especially in the afternoons.. Woke up at 9.30 today, took a bath, tried to study some anatomy... and then i slept for four hours straight. Bi called me from Uni, and my head was hurting the whole time he called.

Why ar?

Maybe its because I ate some flu medicine which makes me drowsy wan...

It was around 2.15 when i woke up, and I felt so fresh! and then it hit me. its 12.15pm in Malaysia! and thats the time i normally wake up for like nearly a month. heehe

change brain! change me into a different mode already!

no more slacking for u.

stupid brain.

on the other hand...... im v v hyped up about.. going to the Reject Shop to buy household items! lol. super cheap wan k.

i have like 2 hours plus to shop and eat dinner before watching Dark Knights with bi.

yay. super excited.

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