Saturday, September 17, 2005


Post number 193 =D

Am studyin fz now.. hrm.. but im studyin reali reali slow, i gez i oni work hard under stress and pressure! imagine, i can finish bio and sej form 4 and 5 in a dae, but if im not stressed or anythin, i get v distracted and lazy so on.. hehe

Newae, daddy bought a vid camera! yay! haha, i wanted one since i was a lil gurl! =p spend soo much time on it, juz video-ing and takin pictures wid the cam haha.. i wanna take wedding pics for ppl next time, its gon be soo swweeet.. haha..
daddy will kill me if thats wt i wanna do in the future..

hrm, examz? well, call me stupid, but i dun wan tips! haha.. i reali wanna do a test, and see how i reali do u noe, so i can work harder ..wait spm no tips, then sure die lar!! been recieving tips, but i SWEAR i din reali study ikut it oni.. haha..hard to blif eh! forcing andrew not to cheat and read tips too.. haha..

todae is the mooncake festival Eve. =) so im goin to my grandmas place later.. then we're gonnna have bbq! haha, bringin over my form 4 physics to study..prolly hide in my grandmas room the whole time lar.. ahh!!! i shud be studyin now!!!!!!

Realise that i blog oni during exam periods. haha.. fangi and celine nv blog at all wan.. haha.. =)

wanna tanx grace too.. my nagger~~ so sweet of her to ask bt my examz! hhaaa..

Love u dear, mwarx, enjoy ur teriyaki chicken~!!!

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