Sunday, September 11, 2005

hmm.. takin some time of me studies to blog.. thx to the ppl who 'layaned" me wen i complain bt my soo dead bloggie.. haha..! newae, trials is in a dae.. dun feel like sleepin, got no mood, tomoro is bio bio bio the whole dae.. plan to juz read read read.. =)) go dee!

todae was okae..studied erm..chemistry..and then did one add mathz paper.. the stupid answer sheet din show jalan kerja wan, oni for 1, 2 and 3 test.. the rest they juz put the answer iritating.

newae.. bt tips.. hm. haha.. i have some, but i dunoe hw true are they.. dun reali bother bt em this time, wanna see wer i reali stand then oni got semangat to study even more.. heehee.. *cross fingers*

well, i gez i shud stop here.,bio is waitin for me.. snifffff!

good luck to all spm trial students!!

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