Monday, September 19, 2005

post 198~ how come? i dunoe.. haha

read a few of our post last year, wen we started this bloggie in dec.. i rmber pesterin dear to come to my place to choose our skin bt it never happens, and this is the FIRST time after all the times our blog had a new skin , dear finally found wan. ahaa..

the 1st few post in jan were both of us comlainin bt out add mathz hw, bm hw and wakin up early and everything.. how i hope that i cud go back to those times now.. SPM is drawin nearer, and now we in the midst of our trials.. having english tomoro, plan to write a story again, hope we get a gd title!!

I oso read bt me complainin that sch aint good..hmm.. i cant rmber why.recently i realise or feel lke im losing frenz, i dunoe,but i dun wanna eleborate here but, i juz feel lonely, wonder y.. hmmz.. wanna thx lyn tho, esp for invitin me to sit wid her, i found a new good fren tt dae.. =)

sch gonna end tho, so its ok i gez. hm.. i still have dear.. =)

so anywae, hrmz.. nothin ade lar, gotta go back to fz.. tata!

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