Monday, September 12, 2005

Dah lama

omg,its been like so long since ive last blogged..nasib i save my passwords on my pc, cuz ive totally forgot them.. had bio paper 2 todae.. damn it, all the tips not really tepat this time ,unlike setara.. this is def bad news ,cuz im highly likely to use this damn trial results to enter college..ish.. i duno wats the requirements tho.. prayin that the bar isnt set too high la..durin exam periods biasanya hp credit will terjun wan,cuz every1 msgin each other for my credit gon habis liao..ish..still wished they din set the jadual liddat la, they shudve put bm todae,then bi tommorow n atleast its not so packed mar.. this kinda jadual they set, we all students confirm die wan cuz wan study oso no time.. ive got a battle with add maths on thursday smore.. prayin that add maths does not chop off my head..
aites,i guess i'll stop bloggin here la.. gotta read read read!! ish..good luck to every1 ya, and thx to all those who've posted on the tagboard.appreciate it..

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